Robbie Bellemare: Be one of the boxers that comes to everybody’s mind when thinking of the greats.

Introduce yourself, where you from and what is it you do?

My name is Robbie Bellemare. I am 25 years old. I am originally from Barrie, Ontario, Canada, now residing in the Muskoka region.

For work I do building/carpentry. For passion and what I am pursuing as my dream career, I am a combat sports competitor of multiple disciplines/sports. Currently, boxing.

What inspires to do what you do?

Just life and trying to make the most of it. Inevitable death. Knowing one day, one way or another, I’ll be gone. So while I’m here, I am gonna make the most of this. I’m gonna live to my own accord and find and create my own path of happiness.

What is some words of wisdom you live by everyday?

“It ain’t all good but it’s all good enough.” A quote I have tattooed on my rib that helps remind me that although things may not always be Sunshine and rainbows, there’s always something worth living for, always good in the world and in life.

“Let it be.” Another quote but a shorter one I have tattooed on me. Helps remind me that simply put, whatever it is, is what it is, and the best thing to do for your own sake is to let it be.

What was your childhood experience like?

I feel like I got a very early introduction to conflict of all sorts, so I learned about the way people are before pretty much anything else. A lot of typical childhood kinda stuff, hanging out with friends, beings hooligans and having fun. But some darker sides of this life were pushed on me at a very early age. I also felt like I was naturally gifted even as a child when it came to awareness of myself and my surroundings.

What are your goals with boxing, what is your ultimate end goal with that career?

I’d love to shoot for the stars, be a star, be a champion. Be one of the boxers that comes to everybody’s mind when thinking of the greats. Ultimately, I know I can’t go wrong because simply making a career doing this, something I’m so passionate about, will give me more than what I need to have a happy and fulfilled life. But there is a strong desire in me for greatness, a lot of belief in myself and the drive to make things happen.

What are some struggles you faced to be where you are now?

Many obstacles in life, sometimes seemingly unsurpassable obstacles, loss in competition, and loss in general that I turned into motivation to do better and be better. As I say, we must allow the bumps in the road to elevate us.

What are your thoughts on the world today and how would you like to make an impact if you could?

The world today appears to be on a dark and cold path, and there’s a lot of hopelessness and/or carelessness that together seem to keep us steered in this direction. I’d like to lead by example, bring light to major world issues, and always be someone who stays genuine and speaks truthfully.

Last question what else would you like to tell the world about you?

That I’m just another human being, but one who seeks to actualize my full potential. Something we all can do with ourselves.

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