Adonis: I just want to be me regardless of what people think or feel, and I hope more people follow in my footsteps

Introduce yourself(tell about yourself & who you are)

Well my actual birth name is Adonis. I’m from flat bush Brooklyn, born, raised and currently residing. I’m black (Aruban) and Puerto Rican, but growing up I spent almost all my time with the Caribbean side of my family immersed in reggae, soca, and old Michael Jackson and new edition tapes My parents slowly introduced me to hip hop as I got older and from that point on the rest is history

What inspired you to become a music artist?

Well honestly I’ve always wanted to make music when I was younger. But never thought I’d have what it takes so once I even tried acting and co starred in a full length feature film But honestly once I heard kid cudi rapping about shit that wasn’t typical in the rap world I knew then I wanted to try to bring my individuality to the game. Who really inspired me was my cousin nick, who’s way more skilled at this than I am but heard a verse I wrote and didn’t really leave much of an option for me after that

I notice you have an upcoming project coming out, explain more about it?

Not a project just yet it’s just a single, but I’m working my way towards one very soon

How would you like to make an impact in the world with your music?

I just want to be me regardless of what people think or feel, and I hope more people follow in my footsteps

What was your childhood like and what experiences did you go through to be where you are now?

My childhood was weird but fun for the most part

Up until I was about 10 my parents worked late so I spent almost every day at my grandma’s with 9+ other cousins all around my age so I was always incredibly competitive, outspoken, and driven.

My grandma helped humble me a lot even over the years to come and taught me the ways of succeeding through kindness. Since I was young I was always very smart and in the gifted classes thanks to one teacher who got me into a better school with the white kids, so it was always weird being from the hood but being around white people all the time in school No hate or anything I love all people but I def got to see two very different worlds first hand and learned a lot through it all Because of that and my parents crazy assortment of music I listened to everything from rock, jazz, neo soul, to rap, regga soca and more. I have an affinity for all music and art in general and was able to explore a lot of it being in some of the better schools and programs . I played every sport, won a championship in high school basketball and got MVP even tho I’m 5’2” and played baseball football tennis and ice hockey but ended up going to film school in college As a child tho since I’m really short and look super young I’ve dealt with depression on and off which is the driving force behind a lot of my music Everyone always thought and kind of still does think I’m damn near half my actual age haha To get where I am today I experienced a lot of failure from the film industry to pretty much everything else I’ve ever tried Idk if it’s cuz I was too lazy or just didn’t really care but once I started making music I never stopped I had a small record deal to start in 2018 working with my cousin but that kinda fell out for many reasons After that I met my homie Winslow Donovan who started engineering mixing and mastering for me with his collective I was sleeping on the floor for a year and a half damn near 4 days out the week to work on shit During all that I was a raging alcoholic and was doing a lot of other shit I shouldn’t have been Winslow called me on it and I started to try to pull myself out of it but wasn’t succeeding much till my grandma passed away Then right after that I fell asleep drunk on the train and got robbed of everything Accounts emptied out and all The pandemic happened and I had to stay inside and had no access to Winslow so I built my own studio and learned to engineer mix master myself as well as taking on the artwork, visuals, and video editing myself l. 

What are your biggest goals you want to accomplish in the next 2-5 years?

Over the next few years I’m hoping to go on tour more than anything else. I want my music to touch people all over the world and be able to share my energy with as many people as possible. I just wanna bring people good vibes and positive energy in the hopes that I may help brighten their day the way the music of others has for me. Outside of going on tour I’m just looking to get on the map and stay there for as long as possible I wanna work on music till I die 

Last question what else would you like to tell the world about you? 

I’m just a regular guy like everyone else on this earth.

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