Sofie: Don’t be afraid to fail. failing is the necessary action that leads you to succeeding.

Introduce yourself(tell about yourself & who you are)

hi i’m Sofie i’m from Miami. i like to sing and crochet and dance for fun. i enjoy sitting in nature and talking with friends. i go to USF in Tampa and i’m studying psychology. i hope to be a clinician when i get my degree.

What is inspiring you to get into the medical field?

it’s more the field of psychology, I’m not looking for a PhD. some kind of degree that i can work with I’m not sure of the specifics yet, my masters for sure. i’ve had numerous psychologists since i’ve as young. i struggled with ADHD from a very early age and also anxiety depression once i got to high school so  that exposed me to the field i am pursuing. also psychology was the only thing i was able to pay attention to in school.

What are some goals you have once you get into the field how do you plan on impacting the world?

i think my goals are just to help as many individuals reach a higher quality of life, living, and mindset. i truly want to impact the world with art. i would love to make music and put it out. any impact is enough, small or large, i want to be proud of something i created musically. crochet is giving me a sense of that. creation. i love creating and perceiving and receiving and making art.

What are some struggles you faced in life?

hugely with ADHD. i would notice i would try just as hard or even harder than the other kids in school and get at least half the grade they would. it was very frustrating and discouraging. it would take me hours to do one assignment. it was a struggle to be able to pay attention and read one question. math and science were the worst of it, i was better at reading and writing. that’s why when i excelled in psychology it was very liberating and i ran with it

What is a positive message you’d like to give to people around the world?

something that i still struggle to implement in my life is. don’t be afraid to fail. failing is the necessary action that leads you to succeeding. truly failing is not doing anything at all. if you wish to succeed, you miss mess up along the way till you have gotten where you want to get

What are your goals for the next 2-5 years?

happiness. make a song. get into and graduate from UM for my masters in psychology. maybe buy a house in Miami so i can rent it out when i decide where i want to be in my life

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