VIC: The game changes. The confidence grows. And the right people start flowing to you!

Introduce yourself, where you from and what is it you do?

Hi I’m Victoria also known as VIC, I’m not a Mf raised in Kansas City Missouri. I’m a mother of two beautiful toddlers, Lyric & Hendrix! I am a singer/ songwriter here locally in Kansas City and an aspiring DJ!

What inspired you to start music and DJing?

I’ve always loved music growing up! I grew up in a Diverse family so I listened to everything from 70’s music to 90’s R&B. I’ve always been a sample junkie so when it came to the mixing some songs together I fell in love with the process.

What is some words of wisdom you live by that keep motivating you to get to the next level of your career?

That everything happens for a reason! Once you realize that you even realize that you’re doing something you’re supposed to be doing.

The game changes. The confidence grows. And the right people start flowing to you!

What is one of your biggest goals you have with your music career?

My biggest goal with my music career or make the best music I possibly can and continue to grow as an artist.I wanna be known for my songwriting and have longevity.

What are some struggles you faced to get to where you are now?

I had a whole ego death lol had to get out of my comfort zone and understand if I’m not willing to embarrass myself or be ready to be “ not liked by everyone. I had to ask my self how bad I wanted when it came to late nights because I had my kids and I am working two jobs so time management was never my thing but now I have got to figure out what works cause I don’t wanna let my dreams go.

What is one big way you’d like to make an impact in society?

I want to change people’s perspectives on certain stigmas, the things you learn in life after being traumatized or forced to grow up or whatever the case may be that we can learn that at a younger age and it be normalized I want to be a part of doing that to as many people as possible.

Last question what else would you like to tell people about you?

I just wanna tell people that I’m just trying to find my place in this world like them lol

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