David Evans: “Life is meant to be a multiplayer game. You can’t do life alone. Build relationships and be nice to others.”

Introduce yourself, where you from and what is it you do?

My name is David Evans. I am from central Louisiana and I am a clinical Pharmacist. I work in a hospital setting, where I assist doctors in ensuring that the right medication is selected once the doctor examines and diagnoses the patient. I also make sure that any IV medications are properly made/compounded and I assist in code blue (cardiac arrest/heart attack) situations by making rapid infusion IV meds for the nurse to give and helping give CPR

What was your inspiration to work in the medical field?

I was born with a cleft nose, lip, and pallet. Over 17 years, I received 9 facial reconstructive surgeries. Seeing the care and dedication to patients first hand, I knew that being in the medical field was something I wanted to pursue to give back and support those who helped me

What are some words of wisdom you live by on a daily basis?

Actions always speak louder than words. Do what you have to do first, so you can then do what you want to do. No one has the time or energy to maintain lies, so might as well stick to the truth.

What was a struggle you faced getting to where you are now?

My mother passed away suddenly right after I completed my residency, which sent me into a depressive eating disorder. This was right before COVID hit, so being further isolated due to that added on to the altered mental state and eating disorder. It’s something I still struggle with, but I’m slowly figuring out with the help of medication, counseling, and increased physical activity

What are your thoughts on society today, and is there anything you would change about what’s going on?

Too much money in America goes to corporations and not near enough money goes to education or healthcare(majority of healthcare money goes to insurance companies and CEOs rather than back to patient care). If we properly educated people and shortened the wage gap between CEOs and the lowest paid worker-then maybe we wouldn’t constantly be so divided and would have a better quality of life. Having access to all the information in the world is great, but people need to be educated on how to check for proper sources and factual information rather than clickbait and sensationalist “news”. If I could, I would change how people approached information and provide education on how to properly research sources and articles to ensure it’s factual information

What are some bigger goals you have that you wanna achieve?

I’m pretty well content with my life and where I’m currently at. One goal I do have is to try and incorporate a clinical pharmacy presence in our emergency department to help further transitions of care and promote better patient centered care

Last question what else would you like to tell others about you?

“Life is meant to be a multiplayer game. You can’t do life alone. Build relationships and be nice to others.”

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