Caleb: I’m inspired by the people around me, my friends and their successes. The happiness and pride I feel when they succeed is what I aspire to feel for myself when I reach my goals.

introduce yourself, where you’re from and what is it you do?

My name’s Caleb, I’m from South West London and I’m a Content Manager for a company that sells a sustainable alternative to wet wipes.

What inspires you everyday & what are you passionate about?

I’m inspired by the people around me, my friends and their successes. The happiness and pride I feel when they succeed is what I aspire to feel for myself when I reach my goals. Im passionate about writing and having it mean something to somebody. Knowing that every person that reads what I write will have their own interpretation makes me realize how integral creativity and knowledge is, so I’m passionate about being a part of ever persons’ individuality that lays eyes on what I write.

What are some goals you have in life that you would like to achieve?

I want to own my own house, have my own space to thrive in and live comfortably. I want to continue to do what I love. I want to marry my partner one day. I want a little dog of my own. I have lots of goals but I suppose the only goal I truly have is contentment.

What is some words of wisdom you live by everyday?

If you’ve got one foot in the past, and one foot in the future, you’re only sh*tting on the present 😂

What are some struggles you faced to get to where you are now?

I think I have a lot of religious trauma from my childhood. I truly believed that religion was the only way to repent my sexuality, which I was taught to be a sin. I took it to the point where I was baptized at 13 hoping that my queerness would be left behind in the water, but obviously that wasn’t the case. I had to remove myself from religion, but that didn’t remove the internal hatred and restrictions that I had within myself. I think I’ve had to go through a process of healing and acceptance to unlearn that hatred. I’ve been able to overcome it and understand myself more than ever. I have a story to tell now, and I think that’s invaluable.

What is your thoughts on society today and how would you like to make an impact in the world?

I think we have a leaned convenience addiction. We’re so used to everything being readily available that when things in the material world take their time, we become impatient and decide that it’s the be all and end all when all we actually need to do is have patience and understand that life comes with periods of waiting. I think we also remove this convenience addiction to stop making irrational decisions that harm the planet. Through my work I’d love to be able to create cultural and behavioral changes, making people actually think about what they’re doing before they do it and being a bit more conscious of the world around them.

Last question what else would you like to tell others about you?

I don’t think there’s a lot to tell that’s worth knowing! I’m just living life and getting by. I suppose if I was to leave with one piece of advice, it would be: if it doesn’t serve you, remove it from your life. I had the opportunity to do this recently and I took it. Best decision of my life.

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