Lou: Every individual has good in them, as far as i believe, it is how we portray beauty in our paintings that means everything.

Introduce yourself?: I’m a 15 year old individual, who channels her energy and emotion into creative outbursts. Holding a pencil (to me) is like holding a whole new world within my palms. Creation is beauty. I surround myself with art because it is an escape from reality (which sounds cliché). But art is a way of forgetting our world and creating a new one, not that i believe our world is not worth observing and absorbing but it can be tough when I get caught up in mounds of coursework and a plethora of thoughts, worrying about starting A – Levels, stressing about exams. Art is a big part of my life – and i hope that it takes me beyond dreams. I live in a happy home with a close family who all look out for each other – I feel lucky to have the support that I do.

What inspires you everyday?: Everyday I am inspired by my Mum. An extremely hard working Lady – Non stop! She does endless amounts for our family (as does my wonderful dad). My mum goes out to work (very early) she comes home, she cleans the house, she makes dinner, she tidies after dinner, she makes sure everything is just right. My mum worries, she stresses, she gets wound up. But she is the strongest woman i know, she is an inspiration to me because she has the drive to keep on going. Not once can i recall her saying ‘i give up’. She is a truly tremendous Mum, and i couldn’t be more lucky.

What is something you would change about people in the world?: In this world I don’t wish for anything major, stopping terrorism, curing all illness, saving the environment, as wonderful as putting a stop to all of those, there’s no possible way over 7 billion individual human beings in this universe will account for the prevention of those things. And why should they, as we know everyone is entitled to belief and opinion – it is what makes us human. What i wish for is that when I’m walking down the street, on the way to a friends house, per say, a simple smile as i walk past people would be much enough to improve the lightness of hearts. Less is more, and if a gesture as simple as a smile can brighten someones day, think of the lengths we can go to, to really lift spirits. And wish people well, people who we don’t even know, but can get to know. The incredible thing about life is that any stranger you see, can be anybody you want them to be, an unknown personality is a blank canvas. Painting that canvas, is the smile you give. And if that canvas can splash a bit of paint back at you, then maybe this individual is truly a masterpiece.

How do you feel about the people in the world?: Our people of today are the ingredients in a mixing bowl, on their own you may not be so sure of them, not many people would randomly pick up a piece of butter and enjoy it. But when we mix the butter with the sugar, the eggs, the flour etc. We develop this sweetness, maybe some sourness, but we create something good, something successful. This is why organizations like charities that we have today bring people together. I believe that when we work together we create something special. But in some cases, in the world today not all the ingredients are compatible and some groups intend to do unfortunate things. But if we could overcome this and paint the world again – a fresh layer, what a beautiful place we could live in. People are people, they do as they please. It isnt being in the world, its bringing to the world. I feel like there is truly inspiring people in the world today and witnessing their good deeds is an uplifting sight for us all. However for any of those who intend to let the side down, it is only them that can think the bad thoughts. We no longer judge people in the world – culture/sex/race/sexuality which is beautiful and benevolent. People that do judge we cannot vouch for in anyway because we do not know their backgrounds. Every individual has good in them, as far as i believe, it is how we portray beauty in our paintings that means everything.

What is something you’ve struggled with in life?: Personally I struggle with being honest with myself. I attempt to forget about what should never be ignored. I am a procrastinator which i hate but when i have to face certain things, i accept to challenge myself and i go in, head on with my problems. I have so much support around me which really helps me to make important decisions and in honour of this aid, i always promise myself to return the favour.

What is a positive message you would give others?: Keep your head held high, because that crown is falling.

if you could make a difference in the world how would you do that?: I would travel to discovered individuals who are more unfortunate in life, and do what i could to make them smile.

Name: Lou

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