Isaiah Castro: Love yourself, because you’re the only person you’re with your whole life.

Introduce yourself, who are you, what is it you do, etc?

My names Isaiah Castro, I’ve been making different forms of content since I was about 11 years old I started with YouTube and slowly started to make my way into music as the years went on! I’m a creative at heart and just like to show people my inner world with hopes to inspire others to use their imagination more on a day-to-day basis.

What was your inspiration to become a content creator/musician?

I always had an extremely active mind as a child, and I would draw a lot just to put it to use. Eventually creating stories became a habit for me and my goal has been to gain a audience on YouTube and any other platform to then show my creativity to people who may appreciate it, and music became a passion of mine after I started using it as an outlet of emotions I couldn’t describe and seeing that other people related to those emotions.

What is some goals of yours that you wanna achieve with the creatives you do?

I wanna be someone people can relate to, Someone that when people listen to my music they might think that they aren’t alone in a situation, and when people watch my videos they can expect to laugh and have a good time. Of course I love to express myself and having the freedom to do so as a lifestyle is a goal of mine as well, and sparking an emotion in people just makes it all worth while. Eventually I’d love to use whatever voice I have to spread a positive message and encourage my supports to do so as well.

What is some words of wisdom you live by everyday?

Love yourself, because you’re the only person you’re with your whole life.

What is some things you’ve struggled with and how did you overcome it?

I struggled with my mental health for a long time during a period in which I was trying to keep my household from falling apart. Almost acting like a house therapist, especially for my little sister who’s mental health I was trying to take care of since it felt like no one else was really trying to. The surrounding environment became relatively hostile, at one point a gun was pulled out because of how heated a situation got, and I had to sever relationships with family members but with that came new relationships with people who truly care about me. I began to understand that I couldn’t fix everybody, and putting aside my own needs to much can cause more damage than good. Overcoming it was a process of finding out what I needed to do  for me, and how I can show appreciation to those who love and actually want to see me succeed.

What is a positive message you would like to give to other people?

Live your life with love in your heart, and appreciate the present moment as much you can, enjoying the passage of time should always be a goal for you.

Last question, what would you like to tell others about you?

Day by day, I live my life trying to be better as a person and as an artist. Creating music, and just creating in general, is a passion of mine and I encourage anybody with the same passion to not let that talent go to waste

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