Mia: Let your past always make you better and not bitter, for if you feed people the poison you were fed, you’ll never find the cure, so in a world of negative poisons, be the positive cure.

Introduce yourself, where you from and what is it you do?

I am Mia, I am from SA and I am an assistant accountant. Nothing special unfortunately, I have worked all over and in a lot of fields as I find myself.

What inspires you everyday in life?

Honestly? I’m pretty bored with life, I am 22 and independent completely other than I don’t have a drivers license but I have a car, a house, I take care of my grandmother, I am a little lost on inspiration but never letting it get to me

What would you change about yourself, or do you feel you like the person you are now?

I’ve worked very hard on accepting myself and sticking to my morals, I’m very sure of who I am and how I do things but I also respect that everyone is not me so differences are always something I find easy to understand and work along side with, very big on the “if it doesn’t directly affect me I have no right to change it” 

I am happy with who I am and I recognize my growth from the person I once was, I walk with purely positive energy in my life

If you could make an impact in the world right now what would you do?

I’m a whole hippy and a half so if I was a superhuman I’d get rid of the negative impacts on our planet, but I am merely human so if I could I’d love to impact the world by changing the view of how, us as individuals, see the world, negativity is everywhere from social media to schools and if I could I’d try to change that, have the news report some Good news instead of hype hysteria for views, I think I have an answer like most, either save the planet or fix the shaded view of the world, two very important but impossible feats for a no one like me

Do you have some big goals in life you would like to complete, as you mentioned you were only 22?

I’ve fortunately reached a lot of my goals so far but yes, I want to become completely self-sufficient and travel the world one day with either a partner or friend depending on how life is at the time this becomes possible, I like the idea of a journey and the destinations always great but the company is important to.

What is a message you would like to give to people around the world?

Probably to Let your past always make you better and not bitter, for if you feed people the poison you were fed, you’ll never find the cure, so in a world of negative poisons, be the positive cure 🌸🦋

And if you find people are not for you being the cure, remember that medication never did taste so great but it was always needed, they may not accept you now but they’ll probably be thankful later

Last question, what is some other things you’d like to tell people about you?

I had a extremely hard life, I don’t know either of my parents well, nor my sisters, and a sense of failed family had me wanting to be bitter towards people, and I chose to be better, I have a lot and I’ve lost even more, but if you keep walking the path of genuine positivity and love then things truly do turn out for you in ways you never would have imagined. 

I’m an creative, I can do almost anything with crafts, imagination really is the limit 🌹

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