Introduce yourself?: Hi my name is Lauren Fairbanks I am in the middle of five children my parents aren’t names are Grammy and Amy Fairbanks we have lived all over the continental US over my years of life I am a migraine warrior I have many hobbies to include music I plan to one day be a professional musician whether that means family there that means play inside gigs and bars I don’t know I have big plans plans to be a musician that’s all I know for now. I am an aspiring entrepreneur and I aspire to one day here at the billboard hundred or songs wealthy w I am an aspiring entrepreneur and I aspire to one day hit the billboard hundred for songs.

What inspires you everyday?: Something that inspires me every day to get up is playing music in itself it’s a beautiful thing heals the soul or not to know that what I’m doing now will someday affect somebody in the near future and it might be 1000 people it might be 100,000 people might only be one person that here’s my song and says this was amazing and it killed my soul will see how it goes I’m excited I’m young I’m aspiring musician I am happy and I’m just so excited to see where life takes me.

What is something you would change about people in the world?: People need to stop judging we live in a world of judgment and it’s wrong we think that numbers on a scale or the clothing size or at the number in our bank account defines us and I think that’s wrong. We also live in a divided world of war and countries and their different opinions towards each other we live in a world where we have several problems our own countries where people can separate them selves because of color or race or gender or political opinion and we just need to stop Judging each other for what we think what we don’t think I won’t be doing it we don’t do. Judging others does not define who they are it defines who we are and we need to stop it.

How do you feel about the people in the world?: Judging each other for what we think what we don’t think I won’t be doing it we don’t do. Judging others does not define who they are it defines who we are and we need to stop it.

What is something you’ve struggled with in life?: I’ve had chronic migraines that little room nickname that my parents are giving me is my green worrier I’ve lost many years of childhood due to migraines and I haven’t been able to have a normal sports career or different things due to migraines and other health issues that I face me also a few years ago Earl just a year ago sorry I apologize I was almost killed by one of our horses because I was kicked in my rib cage and it ruptured my liver anyway but something that was so out of the blue and flipped my And seconds I went from a happy day to almost dying and it made me really look at life and get perspective on things.

What is a positive message you would give others?: Remember the storm always passes and usually after storm there’s a rainbow so don’t forget to keep your chin up push through things are going to get better even though you’re in hell right now there is a heaven

if you could make a difference in the world how would you do that?: My my impact in the world hopefully will either be as a musician or as a motivational speaker I want to help others that I’ve gone through hard times whether it be their parents getting divorced or health problems or financial problems or movie etc. etc. etc. that everybody can one day find happiness through something that I say help them get a new perspective on things my life has not been easy it’s been a very bumpy road and sometimes I wish I just could go back and And live in the moments that were happy just forever but then I remember that those moments were only so amazing because I have been through so many bad things and it’s about things that make the good thing so good and I want one day for somebody to listen to my songs hear those lyrics and say it’s the bad things that makes a good thing so good.

Name: Lauren Fairbanks

Instagram Name: laurenfairbanks18

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