Devon Wick: I shoot photos and paint for fine art.

Introduce yourself, where you from and what is it you do?

I’m from Los Angeles born and raised I shoot photos and paint for fine art and for my daytime gig I am a set costumer 

What inspired you to do photos and painting?

Honestly it’s been wired in me as a kid I picked up a camera and brush to get me through dark times

What is your favorite part of creating art and photos?

The joy it gives me when I know it impacts other people’s lives In a good way

What is some struggles you’ve had with being successful as you are with your craft?

Going through homeless and drug abuse and finding ways and means to create and find passion in doing so

What are you goals for the next 2-5 years?

Be sober and back on track and just create more impactful pieces

What is one way you wanna make an impact in the world?

Shit if I could help me with my story and inspire something to start creating and self-destructing

Last question, what is something else you wanna tell others about you?

That I’ve struggled and there is a way out of active addiction

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