Janae: Something I would change in the world would be the hate.

Introduce yourself?: Hello, my name is Janae but I also go by JD.

What inspires you everyday?: what inspires me everyday is my mother. She is a walking example of what I wanna be like. She’s strong and never lets any set backs get the best of her. Some other things that inspire me is my music. If I wasnt able to write my music I dont know where I would be being able to express yourself through something you love is amazing. And then sharing it with the world could have an impact on someone else’s life.

What is something you would change about people in the world?: Something I would change in the world would be the hate. There’s to much hate in the world. Not saying everything is gonna be peaches and cream. I just wish everyone could be themselves and not be criticized for it. I wish I could go outside and see a gay couple and it be normal. I wish I could turn on the news and not see police killing innocent people. I wish I could go on social media and not see people getting killed in riots.

How do you feel about the people in the world?: Every since that man in office won presidency a lot of Caucasian been getting out of hand. what I’m trying to say is a lot of people in this world have bad influences. I say if we put more good influences in the world more people would follow

What is something you’ve struggled with in life?: my family has always struggled financially. But that doesn’t get me down because at the end of the day we always make ends Meet

What is a positive message you would give others?: Don’t let will you come from determine where you’re going to go in life. Don’t let people Doubt you and if they do doubt you and if they do, do your best to prove them wrong. Don’t let anyone tell you what you can and can’t do

if you could make a difference in the world how would you do that?: Of course I would feed the hungry, try to be a better influence on people younger than me, help out the homeless, and be a motivational speaker for the people who came up like me.

Name: Janae

Instagram Name: Theonenae

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