Introduce yourself?: I’m Dishon Jones also known as Brazytheceo. I’m a 16 year old rapper from Chicago. I’m a Ceo of my own personal Label and clothing line. I’ve been offered atleast 5 deals with record labels and I plan on signing in January.

What inspires you everyday?: What inspires me everyday is music and just to know I overcame alot of big obstacles growing up in life.

What is something you would change about people in the world?: What I would change about people in the world is to have everyone come together and stop the violence going on throughout the world.

How do you feel about the people in the world?: I feel that the people in the world are focused on themselves and not what’s going on with current events happening in America.

What is something you’ve struggled with in life?: I struggled with alot of things in life. One of them is being different from alot of people and maintaing goals. I struggled with staying focused on alot of things personal to me but learned to keep going with life.

What is a positive message you would give others?: Be yourself, Set goals for yourself, and stay focused

if you could make a difference in the world how would you do that?: If I could make a difference in the world I would do it through music. I put messsges in all my songs and tell about things I been thorough. I do that so people who listen to my music will know that they can overcome any obstacle that comes at them in life.

Name: Brazy The Ceo

Instagram Name: Brazytheceo

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