Raley: I’d like to spread understanding where possible.

Introduce yourself

(who you are, where you from and what is it you do etc)

Okay. My last name is Raley. I am male. I am from the United States of America. I have lived in 11 different states. I have also lived briefly (for a few months each) in Canada and South Africa. Most recently, I have lived in Oklahoma for more than ten years. I have worked as a warehouse worker for most of the last 9 years.

What inspires you every day?

I am as close as I can be to being a nonbeliever in anything. I like evidence and science better. It’s possible that I’m a Nihilist or an Existentialist. But if I’m an Existentialist, I’m a pretty bad one.

What is something you’d like to change about yourself if you could?

As for what I would like to change about myself, at the top of the list is that I would like to improve my social skills and form more lasting relationships.

What is one way you would like to make an impact in the world if you could?

I’d like to spread understanding where possible. If I helped someone to understand something new, or to understand something more about a thing they already knew about, or to understand something better, then I feel like I’ve made a positive impact.

What is a memory in your life that made you the happiest, if you can think of one?

Most of the memories I have that make me feel better are of something I found humorous. Something I read, something I heard, something I saw, whatever.

Last question, if you could tell the world more about you, what is it you want to tell them?

I would say that it’s very important to me that everyone who will listen to this message hear this: “Before you have a child, please think about what will happen. Not what might happen to you if you have a child, about what might happen to the child. I am living proof of the disastrous consequences of not doing that.”

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