Karol: right now, my goal is to make something (games) people will like and recognize.

Introduce yourself and tell a bit about who you are?

I’m just about a month before my 16th birthday going to IT high school in Poland I’m not that good in computer engineering, but “not so bad” with programming my skills arent on professional level, but i m getting better

What do you like about programming?

Well, creativity  i’m into making games in unity but i know front-end and other things as well I can create anything I want to write any story that the player can interact with

What’s your goal in the next 5 years? 

well, try to get to MIT college, or at least in any good Programming college in USA also, it would be cool to release my own game/s make name for myself If everything goes ok, i will maybe have one or two titles released that i will be able to make money from just about or little above i need to live and make better games

 What is some words of wisdom you live by?

Never take anything for granted. 

What is one way you’d impact the world?

people’s minds work in way that they have to “protect” themselves from opinions that are against their own opinions if i had to impact the world, i wouldnt do anything by pointing out the bad sides sadly, only thing i can do is make people little happier by creating games and stories they like but if i was unrealistic, then i would delete TikTok, twitter and YouTube shorts 

What is your ultimate goal in life? 

i have mini goals and when i reach one i make another

right now my goal is to make something (games) people will like and recognize

Last question what would you like to tell other people about you?

weird question… i dont have a lot of people that i talk to, but to these i talk to i tell them stories and scenarios for games/books i work on

and about me… just overall information ig… depends on situation? When someone says something, maybe i can tell them my experience with the subject

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