Lacee: The past can’t be changed, but our future is an empty page for a new outcome & a new story.

Name: Lacee

Social Media Handle/Username: MyNameLacee

Introduce Yourself/Tell About Yourself: I’m Lacee & in my life I like to socialize with everybody online. Sharing my personality & making new friends is what I do most in the media. I make people feel comfortable & safe when talking to me; I accept each person for their own individuality. Not just that, but I learn my own interests in my free time, trying to build my skill sets & diversity to many things. As a whole I do my best with what I have around me & strive to push forward even with little to no help. Everything I do is with my own desire to make my life better for myself.

What Inspires You Every day? : My inspiration for continuing to live every day ahead of me knows that I am healthy & strong-willed. Unlike having an inspirational figure in mainstream media as their person of interest – looking at myself & knowing what I’ve re-born myself into is what reminds me that I am powerful.

What is some words of wisdom you live by?: A word of wisdom I live by is “Do it for you”. I don’t believe in doing anything for anyone else because your happiness can’t be found in just the people around you. External goods can bring us joy & the people around us can help us to experience bliss. I like to think that the true source of it all is how we feel within our own perception of ourselves. You can give your all to a person of power but your happiness will only excel if they give you a good review. If you “do it for you” & only focus on your own happiness, it won’t matter what their judgement is – you made yourself proud & did what you felt was right.

What is your ultimate goal in life? : An ultimate goal in my life is for myself & my loved ones to create a life for ourselves that we are proud of. Every day people struggle to work their way out of hard times & dark days. As for myself, I also struggle to find a way through life. In the end I would life to live comfortably without the stereotypical stress that is endured. A life without worry is what we all should strive for.

What are your thoughts on people who seek attention on social media, and what message would you like to give them? : My viewpoint on attention seekers in modern day media is to not let them stress you. They will drain themselves trying to seek external validation & that is ok. What they deal with internally is their battle to win. Everyone’s life is their personally journey to learn growth & maturity; If that is how they choose to live their life then let it be. You can’t help somebody without them wanting to help themselves. Advice I would like to share with those individuals is that as long as you aren’t incriminating someone else’s name and or reputation just to be on top, then you may do what makes yourself happy. Continue to play safe & don’t hurt anybody.

How would you help people around the world who are going through mental health problems? : If you or someone you know is having mental health issues, it will be ok. You can reach out your hand & do everything you can but remind yourself that it is a slow process. Don’t verbally abuse yourself or others because it isn’t going as fast or as smooth as you would like it to. We are real people who take weeks & months to heal. Just like plants we are nature; nature needs time to flourish into its true form. Day by day is all you need.

How would you describe a better world for us all? : Having to describe a better world for us all is to release & let go. There’s so much more I would like to say but I will keep it short. So much anger & tension would be free from our lives if everyone knew how to push forward without closure. All we want in life is closure & for things to go back to how they were. Although that only exists in a perfect world, if we can learn to be ok with how something was finished then as a collective we can do so much more. As a community, we can grow into something healthy & stable if we teach ourselves to release & let go. The past can’t be changed, but our future is an empty page for a new outcome & a new story.

What else would you like to tell others about you or your life?: If I were to share anything else about my life, I would say that sometimes our biggest victories isn’t the most rewarded. Appreciate every small moment you can. Our small achievements is what makes up our life the most, not just big accomplishments. Every day is a blessing & it is ok to celebrate on your own. One day, someone or several people will come into your life to help celebrate even the smallest things. Until then, it’s ok to party on your own. It is only temporary.

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