Somuadina: Be in agreement with your spirit so that everyday isn’t a struggle, know who you are at your core and be at peace with it.

Name: Somuadina

Social Media Handle/Username: Somuadie

Introduce Yourself/Tell About Yourself: I’m twenty years old, I have an LLB (bachelor of laws). I go to law school next year. I’m a writer. I’ve written since I was ten, it started out as fiction, which I still do from time to time, then it became personal diary entries that span across multiple areas of my mind and my life and my thoughts. I had about 400 notes on my phone when I started thinking seriously that I needed a blog, an outlet for these moments of introspection about a movie or show I was watching, or my latest mind scenario or fantasy, or the new latest imagination I was weaving with storytelling in my mind, into my life plan and future. I have to think it’s possible to feel it. Now I have over 1000 notes and I write on medium. I’m having really slow growth there because I fjnd that my niche is very different from the articles I see there but I’m enjoying it nonetheless. Every read or comment or clap is exiting. I plan to go abroad for my LLM masters of law. I have a long three part article on medium about my confusion with what I want but I feel less confused these days. I am a Christian, I believe in Jesus christ, the Holy Spirit and God. I love fashion as well in a lot of my idle moments I think about modeling. I have a father who I love very much. I’m always fantasizing about the future, where I want to be.

What Inspires You Every day? : My dreams inspire me, I feel like if I don’t succeed I would have let a lot of people down. I’ve had a lot of people treat me like I’m something special and outright tell me that they have no doubt that I am going somewhere and it makes me anxious sometimes when my life is at a slow pace and I feel like I’m not living up to that or I won’t get there. I am inspired by God, I know he has good thoughts and plans for me, I’m inspired by my dad, the hardest worker I know and he has good thoughts and plans for me, I’m inspired by my dreams because they are engraved in me. I don’t know how to be any other way besides want what I want and work towards it even with the multiple hindrances I face with finances, health and overall placement in the universe in specific ways like it’s hard to get opportunities realistically living where I live in Lagos it’s a four hour drive to commute to a stable side job

What is some words of wisdom you live by?: Be yourself. I struggle with wanting to make sure everybody is comfortable with me sometimes but more and more, like now, I just let me be. I don’t want to be anybody else, I’m not perfect but I’m me I take solace in that when need be, that I’m me. And I only got there when I started to love myself. I realized that I love me and I value me and I want the best for me. Find comfort in existing within yourself and do it for you because you will always be with yourself. Don’t be cringed out too quickly by moments that are normal, sit with yourself, embrace yourself, let yourself be, practice radical self acceptance. It’s a freedom and a joy no one else can give you, to accept yourself even in the uncomfortable moments, to know at the core of who you are, that you’re okay. You’re not all the things your overthinking mind wants you to believe.
Be in agreement with your spirit so that everyday isn’t a struggle, know who you are at your core and be at peace with it. It’s a peace to accept yourself Embrace change and growth and moments of learning. And don’t be stalled by those moments.
I don’t need anyone‘a approval I deserve respect. I am complete in Christ
Everyday won’t be perfect and that’s okay. Remove yourself from situations that feel off or that make you uncomfortable

What is your ultimate goal in life? : To write novels and have readers who love it so much the way I love my favorite shows and write about it, readers so engrossed that they feel connected to my words and to make a cartoon show on Netflix, something like Bojack horseman or Rick and Morty but Nigerian and as deep and real as every moment growing up in my childhood homes with my family was
To have only clothes I like in my wardrobe. to reach a state of maximum satisfaction in my body, to succeed in my carreer I plan to do my masters in human rights law and I only hope I can make meaningful impact in the lives of people who need it the most
I want to build a life. A stable life where I’m not dependent on my father and somewhere out of the continent. I want to build the dreamy life I think about

How have you been during the pandemic and how has it affected you? : The pandemic slowed things down for me. But it also helped me graduate I was late on my project and when the pandemic hit I had extra time to be done with it before the semester was over. I graduated last year September, now I’m doing my NYSC. Which is a national program from all graduates in Nigeria. I think I got used to life outside school for longer than I’ve known all my life and it’ll be an adjustment next year when I go back to law school but at least it’s one year and in 2023 I can start my application for the rest of my life I hope

What is a message you would like to give others? : I think I said a whole lot in the words I live by but I believe life can be lived multiple different ways don’t worry about what the next person is doing just exist in your own lane and be okay with you. That’s all you need to do. You never know who is admiring you and your commitment to just being you. And it’s not even about that it’s about how you feel about you find ways to keep you grounded and happy for me it’s my knowledge of Jesus and his word. I couldn’t do without it. I’m not the best at reading my Bible but my faith stays with me through everything I feel the soothing presence of God in my life since I was saved.
You don’t have to do things the way anyone wants you to do things just be okay with you. They don’t matter in your life, you’re the main character, however you choose to live your life: focusing on others or focusing on yourself it doesn’t matter be happy with your choices. Be happy with you.

What else would you like to tell others about you or your life?: Watch out for my novel (s) in the future. I’m working on one right now but it’s on holt because I need a MacBook. I can’t keep typing on my phone and I need a bigger screen where I can sync all my notes to
If you like diary pieces about movies books tv shows, personal moments, check out my medium @somuadina or if you want to know more about me. If you’re also a writer we can support each other fell free to reach out.

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