Introduce Yourself: I’m Edwin, I’m Mexican, I’m not average

Thoughts On People In The World?: many people living by inertia, many people without empathy, many people without dreams many people believing that life is about being a millionaire and having a car, having children etc sorry if I do not convey what I want to say so well, I use a translator

What are your inspirations & goals?: it inspires me to see honest people my goals are to be a better person and never stop improving

How would you impact the world?: It’s difficult … maybe with a brand, eliminate some need, I do not know

Struggles In Life? : every day, for me

How do you feel about yourself? Any changes you would make? : I feel good but it can always be improved “to think that you have succeeded is a failure”

What does love mean to you?: love is everything, it is what moves the world

Name : Edwin Holguin

Instagram : @edwinnsw

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