Name: Markeyla LaChelle

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Introduce Yourself/Tell About Yourself: Hey loves! My name is Markeyla, born and raised from Auburn, AL. I am a mother of an amazing baby boy, a daughter, granddaughter, sister and friend. 3 years ago I had a traumatic accident where my hair caught a fire and left me with first, second and third degree burns. Over 20% of my body burned and 8 surgeries later, I’m still here! I often tell people that I am a survivor and not a victim. I am a woman of many talents, everyone from my hometown calls me the jack of all trades. I am a motivational speaker, and I truly believe that I speak life into anyone I have a conversation with. An entrepreneur, a forever student because I love to learn, and most of all a child of God.

What Inspires You Every day? : What inspires me every day is my journey of growth. Opening my eyes every morning, being thankful that I have another day and another chance to better myself and turn my pain into a purpose. I’ve had so many heartbreaking experiences happen in my life to losing my father at a young age, losing my son’s father during my pregnancy, to a year later having my burn accident and learn how to pick up the pieces along the way amongst other things. To know that I still have a chance to be a light in this world inspires me. Even on the days when I don’t quite feel like myself, I try again the next day and learn who I truly am and how to take care of myself.

What is some words of wisdom you live by?: Some words of wisdom I live by is “this too shall pass.” I believe that whatever pain that I feel whether it’s physical, mental or even emotional that it will pass. That I will find the strength to heal and grow from it. I try my absolute best to not let my past situations keep me from who I’m destined to be. I have been in places where I felt stuck to where my heart knows who I can become and my mind knows what it takes to be that person but my feet just won’t move. Then I think about “this too shall past” and I pray about the things that are hindering me and fight so that my feet can move again.

What is your ultimate goal in life? : My ultimate goal in life is to fulfill my purpose. To know that when my last day on Earth is finished, I will receive a job well done. I truly believe my purpose is to inspire and motivate the world to continue to strive to be you even when you experience things that may cause you to forget who you are. I’ve learned to understand that some things that we go through is not just about us. It’s not to punish us or to even hurt us, but it’s for us to inspire and teach someone else that they can get through it too. We were given this life for a reason, with no index or table of contents or even hints to what may happen during it. But if you wake up the next day after something so traumatic or near death, it’s because you were strong enough to get through it, and you’ll also be strong enough to get to the rewards at the end. And sometimes those rewards are simple as telling your story to help those around the world who deals or has dealt with the same events or similar. We just have to believe that “this too shall past” so that we see the rainbow at the end of the storm.

How have you been during the pandemic and how has it affected you? : During the pandemic I have been evolving tremendously. It has forced me to become one with myself and learn who I am and truly understand what it is that I really want and desire out of life. The pandemic was truly heart breaking to begin with but it made us appreciate the people and things we have in this world. It affected me by showing me my own strengths that I thought I once lost. I was still healing from my accident and had to post pone my last and final surgery because of it but I used my time to brainstorm, create, unlock many talents and being a 100% mom again. Before the pandemic started I was healing from surgeries and going to physical therapy weekly and just adapting to being a burn survivor. Learning how to be comfortable with minor things like reaching and writing and lifting more weighted things because I was so weak. My right hand was one of my most affected areas when I was burned and it is my dominant hand and I had to learn how to use the left while healing and it got to where I saw myself using the pain as an excuse to not use it. So, during the pandemic I did things that was fun for me to be creative but also therapeutic. I taught myself how to do hair again, (as I was a hairstylist since a little girl), to doing nails, sewing, baking, and creating organic skincare products. I also turned them all into businesses! They all were successful and I was good at each of them but it still didn’t completely make me happy. So I started to tell my story on social media and share my journey and it went viral! I received so much positive feedback and love and still inspiring people from all over the world.

What is a message you would like to give others? : My message I would give to others is that I know it’s hard. I understand that people often say don’t give up and you want to tell them it’s not that easy because it’s not. I’ll be honest and say that it’s gonna hurt, it’ll even sometime sting but I promise you will make it through. You might even miss the person you once were because you won’t be, you’ll be better. You’ll be better because you’ll be stronger and you’ll appreciate yourself more and know that your pain doesn’t define who you are, it’s the healing after it that does. Who you become after you’ve been stung. Don’t stay in that same place giving yourself excuses that you can’t move your feet because of what happened to you because you can and you will but you have to believe! You give everyone around you a chance, why not give yourself one?

What else would you like to tell others about you or your life?: I would like to tell others about me that I am full of surprises and that my story is still being written. I would like others to know that I am proud of who I am, but I also want them to not define me as only a burn survivor because even before then I have survived many things, and I am more than what I’ve been through. I am a woman of many gifts, and I withhold so much more. I am very thankful for my journey so far and the things I’ve experienced because I am now inspiring and motivating the world, but now it’s time for me to enjoy! It’s time for me to show my son the beautiful things this life can bring and become the person I am destined to be. I have hopes of having my own show one day where I can bring others along to share their stories and help them heal and shine again. So this won’t be the last time you all hear from me, there’s so much more in store!

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