Name: Chekaia Martin

Social Media Handle/Username: Simpllyt1nk

Introduce Yourself/Tell About Yourself: My name is Chekaia and I am 16 years old Artist, Producer, and just a person with big ideas. I was born in the Bronx, NY but moved to Brooklyn when I was very young. I like to draw pictures and make beats and sometimes take pictures and model in my free time

What Inspires You Every day? : Going out of my way to make other people happy, I love seeing other people smile when I do something right for them! Like people say Happiness is something money can’t buy You know!

What is some words of wisdom you live by?: HONE YOUR CRAFT. If you are good at drawing, You can’t just be good, keep going till you get amazing!

What is your ultimate goal in life? : 1. Meeting my favorite artist, 24kgoldn.
2. To die happy!
To have the things to have valuable information to pass down to your kids and their kids! Knowing that I might be a mother and I get to educate my kid(s) and make sure their life is set up for what they Wanna do and what they wanna bring me happiness! And I’ll go out knowing they will be ok.

How have you been during the pandemic and how has it affected you? : The pandemic Has been a doozy that’s all I can say. It hasn’t affected me except me not being able to go to school in real life haha!

What is a message you would like to give others? : You can do anything if u put your mind to it!!!

What else would you like to tell others about you or your life?: Check me out on SoundCloud @Kitt8nChaseBank. My art Instagram is @Sketchmarkzz!

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