TNT TYB:  My ultimate goal in life would have to be giving a voice to the voiceless


Social Media Handle/Username: @tnttyb_

Introduce Yourself/Tell About Yourself: I’m a 17 year old, Afro Latino musician. From my small apartment in East New York, Brooklyn, I make Experimental Hip Hop, TripHop, and alternative R&B. Other genres too but that’s the gist of it. Though, the songs I make and the lyrics I write and record may not be the most positive, I’d like to think, when someone hears what I have to say on a song, my words make them think. My music is in a way, introspective. Each song tells a story of mine. A story of those around me.

You’d be lying to yourself if you said each story you have about your own life is positive and ends with a happy ending… So would I. Which is why, most of the time, I write to cope with depression and anxiety that I’ve lived with damn near my whole life. No therapist, no one I was ever that comfortable talking to, no one to guide me to other positive outlets, would be the story of my life. Therefore, I’ve used music as a form of therapy at some points. The more and more I create though, I see that it’s a way to connect with people and create a therapeutic space for many people at the same time. I’ve realized this a year and a half ago when people my age came up to me and told me that my lyrics resonated with them. My words gave them a feeling of comfort and protection. At that point, I realized, “I’m not speaking for myself anymore. I’m speaking for those who grew up like me, look like me, act like me, talk like me, walk like me, feel like me, etc.” Now, that is my “mission” , if you will.

I don’t really have a life outside of music. I don’t really spend my time doing much else. It’s all I really know and all I really care about. It’s been like that ever since I can remember. I probably spend more time with a notebook, headphones and a laptop in front of me, then I do doing anything else.

What Inspires You Every day? : I’d be disingenuous to say I’m inspired everyday and wake up motivated to reach certain goals. It’s kinda just a constant thing of, “Oh, I’m awake… I don’t really feel like doing anything today. Let me see what that beat I made last night sounds like…. Okay, that’s cool, let me make something new.” Or, I’ll get a call from one of the homies and I’ll go out to one of their houses and cook up there for the day. Or, the infamous, “Fuck, I haven’t done anything productive today and I feel like a bum. Let me get up off my ass and do something so I can feel better about myself.” Then the inspiration comes in.
The way I felt on the most recent train ride, the way I felt before I left my apartment, after I came home. I ask myself, am I thinking about someone or something? Do I have something on my mind today? Did I see something interesting on my timeline today? Did I have an anxiety attack recently? Did I have a depressive episode recently?
Sounds like a whole reflective process but it’s really not. Like at all. I kind of just let the beat make itself, then let the lyrics write themselves. The only thing I’m super conscious of is the mix. Other than that, if I don’t lose myself in the song making process, the job wasn’t done and I feel dissatisfied. I’m a fuckin’ mess. However, art is the one excuse we have to let our messiness consume us. If that’s not inspiration, I don’t know what is.

What is some words of wisdom you live by?: Some words of wisdom I live by are, “don’t be an asshole.” Said to me by my mother and other adults who looked after me and had my back as a little kid. Granted, my mom is the toughest woman you’ll meet. A real one. So even though you probably shouldn’t say that to a kid, it was in good intent. I think it’s a pretty simple concept. However, maybe its just a big city thing (seeing that I’m from New York) but, people have such a hard time applying that to their everyday lives. Not to sound ambitious, but I’ve seen that it’s genuinely hard for people to stay humble, not let their anger and negative emotions consume them, to admit when they’re wrong, to tuck their pride and ego under their seat, etc. That being said, these are all traits of an asshole. No one likes an asshole, yet, we’re so quick to copy these same traits and not check ourselves. Of course, we’re not perfect and we all have our downsides and bad days but to not self reflect or even care what kind of impact your behavior had on someone else’s day or even life, is kind of much. Therefore, I always make sure I think about what I do before I do it. I make sure that I’m not behaving like the very people I don’t like.

What is your ultimate goal in life? : My ultimate goal in life would have to be giving a voice to the voiceless, being an advocate for mental health through music, and becoming a figure of influence for youth. Especially black youth. Fuck generic fame and idolization. Obviously, to influence people, you need some type of fame because people need to know who you are and what you do. However, I focus on the strength of empowering people to empower themselves. Not giving me power because Im famous and you love me.

How have you been during the pandemic and how has it affected you? : Honestly, 2020s quarantine was one of the best things to happen to me. It was all about the timing. Obviously, it was tough to hear everyday how bad the world was getting, how many people died, etc. I caught Covid and that did suck really bad. However, if you want me to keep it a buck with you, I feel as though, people (including myself) became so desensitized to what was happening throughout that time that we had to be productive. “Either let this shitty time consume you and keep worrying ‘bout shit you can’t control or be productive, perfect your craft and by the time quarantine is over, you’ll be one of the best artists you know.” That was my exact mindset. During this time, I was THRIVING. Of course, my family and I struggled a bit, getting things we really needed, certain foods and sanitary stuff. Other than that, I was working on a new song damn near every day, I was away from the self destructive behaviors of my friend group at the time, my mental health and sleep schedule were surprisingly really good, and finally, I was networking with other small artists I’d soon be able to call close friends. Life was fine. Most of the people I surround myself with now agree with me.

What is a message you would like to give others? : Be true to yourself and how you genuinely feel. Just don’t hurt others or feel like you’re above anyone else. We’re all royalty, no one’s above you and you are not above anyone else. Also, to practice this, treat yourself like your own best friend. I promise you, it’s worth it.

What else would you like to tell others about you or your life?: Nothing yet, you’ll find out more about me when I start to drop music in 2022. Stay tuned.

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