Damien Hamilton: I want to be great and help others that want to do the same thing. Open a producer school for inner city kids.

ntroduce Yourself: My name is Damien but you can call me Drumzandkeys, Drumz, or Keys it doesn’t matter. I’m originally from Compton California. Now I live in Dallas Texas. Grew up in Texas for a good portion of my life. I’m an music producer, engineer and rap artist. I’ve been making beats since 2013 I’m 24 now. I’m also a Leo. I don’t really hang around a lot off people. I kind of keep to myself and stay out the way.

Thoughts On People In The World?: Man where do I start. In general I think people in the world are just zombies. I think we try mind our business way too much. Meaning that there’s a lot of stuff that goes on and people just pull out there phones and would rather record than to help. But in reality everyone is nosy as hell especially through social media. We have good people in this world don’t get me wrong but it seems evil is constantly rising. Sometimes just having a casual conversation with a stranger can be life changing. Everyone has a story and has experience something. We’re all on this planet together but yet act as if we are from different places. It’s corny if you ask me.

What are your inspirations & goals?: I’m inspired by music. It’s the universal language. It’s the best drug and medication we have in this world. Music is everywhere and in everything. My goals are to become one of the best producers/ musicians to do it. I got businesses I want to open up. I kind of wanna own a football team one day that’ll be cool. But for the most part I wanna be great and help others that wanna do the same thing. Open a producer school for inner city kids

How would you impact the world?: Through my music and character as a man. Teaching people to stand up for what they believe in and making the right choices to put them in the best position in life and not being so dependent on this government we live under.

Struggles In Life? : None really besides the typical growing up with my mom and siblings. I have a dad he just kind of wasn’t around like that. Oh it was that one time my mom took an travel assignment to California when I was 17 because we needed money to move back to Cali. Boy that was a wild time. Four siblings and then the homies. So much went down from cops circling the block to having little food. I remember I came home from football practice hungry as hell and I knew we didn’t have much to eat at home but I was hoping for something. I get in the house and find the last pack of noodles. My baby sister comes down stairs and tells me she’s hungry. I swear I stared at that pack for the longest. I knew one of us had to go to sleep hungry that night so I fed my baby sister.

How do you feel about yourself? Any changes you would make? : I don’t really know honestly. I mean I definitely don’t hate myself but I’m not sure if I just love myself to the fullest either. I wanna find who I really am I wanna know where I come from as a African decent. I think at one point in every black person life they wanna know those things because that’s where we come from. Every one in America knows there heritage excepts for blacks. I don’t like that when I think about my family blood line it stops at my grandma. I don’t know who Iam basically and this stuff white america has told us that we are definitely ain’t it. If I could make changes I think I would’ve taking football more seriously as well as school. I would’ve believed in myself more than I did. I wasn’t that fast but I could do everything else. I was so self conscious about my skills that no matter how hard I balled out or people would be in awe about the stuff I did on the field I still wouldn’t accept it.

What does love mean to you?: Man…….love means respect, loyalty, and being unconditional. Putting others first before yourself. Giving before trying to receive first. Or giving without looking for something in return. No amount of money will give you that same feeling you get when helping someone in need. Love is protecting. Defending those you love and also killing for those you love. Life isn’t fair so you better be ready. Protect what is your if you love it because if not someone will take it.

Name : Damien Hamilton (Drumzandkeys)

Instagram : Drumzandkeys

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