Rob King: My ultimate goal in life is to be a medicine man for ALL people.

Name: Rob King

Social Media Handle/Username: @Rabies_87

Introduce Yourself/Tell About Yourself: Wah’hey!! Hello my name is Rob King, I’m Aaniiihnin Nakota (Gros-Ventre, Assinaboine) from Fort Belknap Indian Reservation in North Central Montana. I’m Native American and found hiphop as a child and became a Native hiphop rapper when I was 13 and started recording music at 15, learned to write, record and mix my own music, while also attending cultural ceremonies such as Sweat Lodges. I am enrolled as a Gros Ventre, I come from my mother’s clan the Frozen Clan. A child of the Sacred Flat pipe and the Sacred Feathered pipe, both pipes we have had for 2 thousand years and longer. I am also Two Spirit aka Gay. I have two sons though.

What Inspires You Every day? : When I was younger the only thing that inspired me was being the first native american rapper to go mainstream. I wanted to tell our story, my plan was to make the most radio friendly pop type music to get me there and then switch it up and start telling our story. But that didn’t come to happen as I was told by multiple record labels such as interscope, Columbia, Warner bros music Inc, that hiphop wasn’t ready for a native ameircan rapper. Kind of funny huh, white men telling me they didn’t think black people were ready for a native american? Lol but after I had my two sons they became my inspiration in everything I do. Living on the rez, is tough, we are stuck with generational trauma and cycles that just keep repeating themselves. So I did everything I could as a parent to raise my sons different. To break that cycle. Protected them like a bear protect her cubs.

What is some words of wisdom you live by?: Treat people how you want to be treated, and if people still treat you bad, give em a taste of their own medicine. – my Grandma Ola

If someone keeps bothering you, and they won’t stop, you hurt them, hurt them so bad that they will never think twice about hurting you again – my Grandma Ola

What is your ultimate goal in life? : My ultimate goal in life is to be a medicine man for ALL people. I want to be a vessel for God to work through to heal his people. My second goal is making my sons to be better men than I ever was.

How have you been during the pandemic and how has it affected you? : The pandemic has been kind of scary, I’m native american, so we take these diseases seriously, my tribe was one of the first to be hit with small pox and we almost went extinct in a matter of weeks. I had a dream before it hit America, that our hospital on my rez was packed with our elders and kids, our elders and kids were dying off, and this Gothic looking Caucasian woman with deer legs chased me, and caught me and she told me that I was already dead. I was able to pass this warning on to our medicine men and our tribal leaders, and my tribe has been on lock down and curfew for over a year now, and we only lost 12 people to the pandemic. I myself, I’m right in the middle of the war zone in Louisiana. We stay masked up, and wash our hands and use sanitizer and we have been safe so far. But I don’t want to jinx myself, so we pray hard and pray for our neighbors who won’t mask up and those others who won’t either.

What is a message you would like to give others? : PRAY!!! you don’t have to go to church to build a relationship with God, wether you call him Jesus, creator, Allah, or your higher power, build a personal relationship with him/her, talk to him/her and he/her will provide for you. A medicine man was visited by a angel/grand father in 2012, and was told God was on his way back to make this world new again, he was told when the people go into chaos, that it’s time. And 3 people were named to lead the people into the next world. The leader, the lodge builder, and the healer were all told to find each other when the people go into chaos. Somewhere up north between Montana and the Great lakes is the meeting place. When that time comes find me in Eunice Louisiana, and I’ll lead us all to my leader and my lodge builder and we will make it past what ever God is going to do to this world.

What else would you like to tell others about you or your life?: I had a messed up life, but God was always watching and helping where he could. He doesn’t give us mountains he doesn’t think we can climb. That’s why some people have easy lives and some of us have hard ones. He gifts us stronger people with the harder tasks to complete and its up to us to decide wether we are going to climb that mountain and overcome it. But that mountain will stay there until we over come it. Babies and children are holy, always treat them like they are sacred. And our elders hold alot of knowledge and survived to be elders, so respect and honor them. Us in between, we are all going through life just like each other, lend a hand, help one another, even if they racist, or hate you, if you see they need help and your able to help, then help them. Only way we can change this world is by opening our hearts so that God can fill it 


 also check my music. Lol I gave up on trying to be famous, but my music is free for everyone, might as well enjoy the songs. AHO!

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