Bianka: My ultimate goal in life is to be able to make plenty of memories with the ones I love.

Name: Bianka

Social Media Handle/Username: @bonka_23

Introduce Yourself/Tell About Yourself: Hi my name is Bianka, I’m an incoming Junior, and I run track.

What Inspires You Every day? : Definitely my mom and my sport. Some days I don’t feel like getting up, but reminding myself that all the hard work will eventually pay off in the future always helps.

What is some words of wisdom you live by?: Since we were little my mom taught us some of the best morals like the Golden Rule: Treat others as you would want to be treated.

What is your ultimate goal in life? : My ultimate goal in life is to be able to make plenty of memories with the ones I love.

How have you been during the pandemic and how has it affected you? : This pandemic has changed me a lot. During the quarantine, I tried to work on myself. Like my mindset, morals, goals, etc. Instead of using the time to complain and worry about the current situation, I changed it into something that I could use to help me and benefit me

What is a message you would like to give others? : “If you believe in yourself, things are possible.” Believe me, i’m no stranger to insecurities and lack of self-confidence. For me being a person that does the sport that I do, 90% of it is mental. It’s all up there. And when you don’t believe in yourself and only belittle yourself, where are you going to get yourself? You won’t get anywhere, you’ll never progress and meet your full potential. And I get it can be difficult at times to believe in yourself but trust me, your probably doing better then you think you are. 🙂

What else would you like to tell others about you or your life?: Shoutout to my mom for raising me 🙂

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