Tebogo Oscar Rametsi: Reach out Empathy is a key components of heroism and in our culture/ generation it’s on a massive decline

Name: Tebogo Oscar Rametsi

Social Media Handle/Username: @TO_Rametsi89

Introduce Yourself/Tell About Yourself: I’m Tebogo Oscar Rametsi.
A ground Force/ Revolutionarist/Activist of the Economic Freedom Fighters 


 in a good standing. Former Secretary of Tswane Metro Region Sub-Region 2 ward 96 (2017/07/01- 2019/07/01).
I am 31 years old, unemployed.
I live in Doornport Montana Pretoria Gauteng Province Republic of South Africa. I am a person who always think about what possibilities, I will achieve someday because of my passion and hard work. I graduated from Maswie as a senior high school student (2007) and also graduated from Tswane University of Technology as a Farm Scientist 3Yrs National Diploma Animal Science in faculty of science. I believe in socialism and Communism, and I can cook .
My goal is to achieve my dreams even, I am in a lower class of being a person and through that, I want to help myself, to lift myself and others in my ARMS. I truly believe in saying that.
Always believe and trust yourself 



What Inspires You Every day? : Uhh, I have five secret laws of kick-start my life makeover and Law of manipulation.

1. Law of One : Based on the Quantum Scientific that everything is made up of energy. We’re all connected- Separation is an illusion. So whatever you do affects others, vice versa.
2. Law of Vibration: As your thoughts are sent out to the universe, they connect energy and bring you into circumstances and contact with others, who live on the same frequency.
3. Law of attraction: Like attract like, We attract the things to which we give our attention, thoughts and energy.
4. Law of Reciprocity: Whatever we give, We get back, So if you want more of something, give that thing away.
5. Law of Correspondence: your outter world is a reflection of your inner one, So the only person you can change is yourself, Become your own catalyst for developing, growing and daring to became the person you dream of being, in the field you want most.

In addition: Life,Challenges, Expression of gratitude and connection with people in the community.

What is some words of wisdom you live by?: Leadership Activist Revolutionarist and heroism.

A hero is not something you either are or aren’t, it involve a set of skills that make it more likely they’ll act heroically.

1. Think Like a hero 


Infact practice empathy: One way to do that is to motivate yourself and others to do daily good deeds; Not because they are heroic , Because they help sharpen my social focus, which makes me better able to notice when people are in need or when the situation might escalate in a dangerous way.
For example check my Petition I stared to Gauteng Department of Health Care

2. Trust your gut 


: Your intuition is often ignored in favour of being the hero, If something within your core tells that the situation can Lead no good, act accordingly and keep yourself safe, Your disere is to challenge yourself to move beyond your comfort zone, do it in situation that present no immediate, danger or threat. Feeling brave sometimes involves the creation of safety net before we feel safe enough to launch ourselves off our branch and fly 


So start small and gradually work your way up to something that you have been nervous about doing. E.g Addressing the community
3. Practice Positive Conflict Resolution
Heroes don’t run from confrontation, they engage in it, and this is the simple act will start to build your confidence.

What is your ultimate goal in life? : I want to see others learn and succeed we have to think beyond ourselves and use skills, gifts and sustance to make Africa , A better Continent.

I want to own layers poultry farm and owning crop farm about 100 h/pa – 1000 h/pa

I want political science degree before the age of 37

How have you been during the pandemic and how has it affected you? : Things were tough and rough, Especially for the homeless people and working class.

Although a activist Code are voluntory, there are practical penalities if you don’t play the game.

2020 and 2021 does not end radical transformation, nothing can be further from the truth, it remains the Journey for all of us.

What is a message you would like to give others? : Reach out
Empathy is a key components of heroism and in our culture/ generation it’s on a massive decline.
Find away to donating some time to helping others and your will develop your ability, which not increase the odds of your rising to the occasion when duty calls but also to boost your confidence and happiness. And that’s a double pay.

What else would you like to tell others about you or your life?: Working experience
Farm assistant manager 2011
Floor Manager @mrprice 2013-2014
Stock Room Manager and floor Manager at The hub 2014-2016

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