Lalita Rajput’s Story

Hello everyone one, my name is Lalita Rajput.  I live in a small village which is located in India. Today I will speak on The life of a girl’s in a village in India. Today I will share my story on this topic. I have not much strong study background. But in this case not only my family but also me  is responsible. I wanted to complete my graduation, but my family didn’t allow Me and I left my studies in between, but I have studied that much in which I can fulfill my dream I want to become a police officer    The point I want to rise is  the discrimination between a boy and girl there in rural India men and women are not equally treated. Sharing my experience my brother used to go in private school at the same time I used to go in government school. He used to wear Adidas shoes whereas I used to wear a normal chappal. This is only one example there are a thousand more example I can share    The second point I want to raise is that the girls in villages cannot go out play games as boys do. I have spent my 22 years in one house under the 4 walls. I cannot go out and enjoy my life     Today also 70% girls living in villages is only busy in their household work and taking care of their families. They spend their entire life for others to don’t even have time for themselves.     In villages every father wank their daughter to study till 12th and after that marriage. They are ready to spend 10 lakhs in marriage but not in studies. They spent 10 lakhs in marriage and select a man for which women sacrifice her entire life in a cage     In India daughter are only depending on her father and after marriage on her husband. I don’t want to live like this. I want to explore the world, I want to study, I want to fulfill my dreams I want to travel to New places and live my life like I want. I heard that living in a family is a big thing, but now I want to live alone at least for some time I want to come out of this hell    Even after facing so much problem, pressure, difficulties, discrimination I am happy you know why because there is only one life to live–

One response to “Lalita Rajput’s Story”

  1. Hello Lalita, I’m also from a small village from a middle class family. I feel sorry for the discrimination you suffered. But all those things that you sufferers can not be generalized for every Indian Girl. My family and my relatives spend equally on both son and daughter. In fact my parents say that whoever is deserving will go for higher studies. They struggled, arranged money and sent me to Delhi University because I qualified for the admission. My brother isn’t that studious. He might not be able to qualify for reputed government colleges. So my parents aren’t going to arrange money for private college for him. They will get him admitted to whichever college he deserves.
    So, I can say, from my own experience that there’s been a huge change in the way Indian girls are treated now.


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