Cyrellys Geibhendach: Do we choose to shine with inspiration or plow roads of destruction and plant seeds of chaos in everything we touch.

Name: Cyrellys Geibhendach

Social Media Handle/Username: Cyrellys Geibhendach @Cyrellys1

Introduce Yourself/Tell About Yourself: I’m a person who has not walked away from caring about my world, my nation, and everyone in it. I’m mother, and a member of the American Liberty Community. You could say because I have children I have a dog in the hunt (proverbial) with regards to what condition my nation is in when we hand it off to the next generation, and consequently the same regarding the world we share.

I was born in 1970 (50yrs old) in the Willamette Valley Oregon. My family is what you would call “Old Irish” and we say “Aes Dana”. I am the eldest of my siblings and spent most of my early childhood with my grandmother who our ethnic group’s final Ollamh Mor which means “Great Scholar” as her last student. She was a teacher by trade and had one of the first Master’s Degree in Education ever earned by a woman in our state. She was born in 1900 and lived thru all the World Wars and the subsequent “policing actions” we’re all familiar with. Her large home was wall to wall books with many extra stacks in her spare bedroom! I grew up reading those books and listening to her teachings in the old socratic way of our ethnic tradition including the triads, stories, and commentary on the national corruption during her lifetime. She was training me as her eventual replacement. She was a member on the Council of Clanns and I would go with her as her second where I was obligated to stand silently listen and learn from the elders conversations. The Clanns at the time were ‘technically’ disbanded due to infighting in the 1960s but the Council would still meet out of tradition and their generational camaraderie.

I’m describing all of this because it was a powerful impact on my life and what I do today. She was slowly introducing me to what remained of the Aes Dana traditions while teaching me what she could of what she thought I would eventually need of skills and paradigm knowledge as an adult. This included our history and our people’s involvement in the founding of our nation. The training I was receiving was what is called “Banais Righi” it’s a type of scholarship specialty among the Aes Dana on history, moral coding, and Nature’s Law (Celtic Christian) on Sovereignty which is unique to the ancient Ollamh Brehons of the Old Irish. We say the Banais Righi is “wedded to sovereignty” which is a fancy way of saying specializing in Sovereignty which in our culture is defined as “Self-Ownership”.

You see while my kin are remnants of a very ancient culture dating back more than seven thousand years, every American and the American nation based on the principles of Nature’s Law as described and laid out by our Founders are the legacy. Each of you are defined as Sovereign: Self-Ownership, a gift granted to you by the Creator, that Universal Source of all Awen aka INSPIRATION. In the history my grandmother taught, I learned three of the Founders of America were given access to the Aes Dana private archives of the Ollamh — the Scholars. This included written and verbal archives (scholars by tradition memorized their materials becoming veritable walking encyclopedias, a intelligensia tradition found among the Drui of Erenn aka Ireland and also our ancient counter parts in the Greek Lyceum.

My grandmother however was quick to remind me on occasion to not think what she taught was for resurrecting the Aes Dana. No it was for going after what she called the “Deep Water Ship” meaning the nation of America where it had been infiltrated and was under the control of an old enemy…what we today call the Globalists and their #nationstatedeconstruction or #usterminationproject. She called them the Alombrados or Illumined. George Washington used the term Illuminati. In Queen Elizabeth and Queen Grace O’Malley’s day they were the Alombrados operating out of Spain using the gold acquired from South America to fund a control umbrella over all of Europe threatening the British and Irish Isles. Eizabeth’s Letters of Marque authorizing ships to take those gold transports denying their destination and use was an operation our ancestors were involved in. The fight against the same deep source corruption we face today we fought centuries before, more than once. George Washington’s letters on the deep source “Illuminati” can be found in our National Archives today.

When I was 5 years old my grandmother went to a Council Meeting with me in tow as usual. The Council that day had two visitors from the First Navy, an intelligence group as old as our nation for George Washington had arranged for a group within the Navy to do what little could be done on meager resources to try to halt the Illumined of the Bavarian Masonry from their taking over our fledgling nation so long ago. These visitors had come to Oregon from the east coast to speak with the Council and obtain assistance against the corruption that even in that decade was tearing the nation apart. The Council turned them down for there was no help to be had since the clanns had disbanded in generational infighting in the 1960s.

My grandmother caught them outside before they left and arranged to meet with them at her home a day later.

That day they came to Grandmother’s home I was sitting on the living room floor with a few toys quietly playing while half-listening to them speak in the dining room. I remember clearly even today, probably because I’ve thought about it so often, her telling them “What you seek was sent but it will not happen in our lifetimes, it will happen in hers…” She turned to point at me sitting on the floor, looking up to see all three of them stare at me.

The two naval officers were obviously upset from the looks on their faces. One of them was older, today I’m thinking he was probably near retirement age, and the younger one of an average non-descript age perhaps early thirties. The elder one in his long dark coat came around the end of the sofa and knelt in front of me on the floor. He put his hand on my shoulder and looked into my eyes and asked me if I understood why he had come.

I replied solemnly, “yes, you came seeking our help.”

The tall man nodded with tears in his eyes and there was I remember this despair flowing from him so strong it seemed almost overwhelming.

And then he of all the things he could have asked of the last danann banais righi, he said, “Help them remember who they are.”

I remember staring up into his sad eyes and promising I would.

That was one of the most profound days in my entire life. I’ve spent over 40 years working out what he meant in that request. Studying the paradigm of this fight against a recurring ancient enemy of a dark culture that manipulates, infiltrates and conquers nations over and over again across the centuries to enslave or destroy the inhabitants in various ways.

My grandmother died in 1979. I’ve been very fortunate in that over the years since I’ve had many mentors and friends in the paradigm to learn from and to work with, helping to fill in the gaps she was unable to finish. For my part I carry a message in a bottle about who we as Americans really are. A story about our founding and a long running fight against an enemy that has worked to prevent Human Potential from manifesting its brightness, and those who have stood up in every generation against that darkness even creating a nation as a flagship in that fight for a people recognized for their upright moral code made living culture to lead by example.

My story is part of a long legacy preserved to remind all of you who you are. The Champions are each of you as an Inspired People, Living Loving Truth, Justice, and Liberty for all a world to see. Today we all intuitively strive to regain that pathway in our lives in some sense or another whether on a personal or family level, or on a public and inter-relational level.

Today I’m a member of the Liberty Community, following in the footsteps of my grandmother as a Ollamh “Banais Righi” (a scholar specialized in our Natures Law and in Sovereignty) living by example as an American, and working side by side with my fellows in the fight against the corruption.

What Inspires You Every day? : I look around me seeing so many speak their truths and holding the line against chaos, crime, and despair and I’m proud of my fellow Americans. Each of you choosing to make the stand are doing so in the finest tradition of our ancestors as an Inspired People.

This inspires me.

So too does my family, friends, and others in my community stoically working their way through life’s troubles and continuing to share their hearts and souls with each other all this also inspires me.

What is some words of wisdom you live by?: Imbas: Three candles that illuminate every darkness: Truth, Nature, and Knowledge.

To this I would add perseverance.

Storms are a part of life. They always pass eventually without fail. Perseverance is a choice made within the construct of LIFE which is also a choice. At some point in our existence each of us chose to be here.

We were granted that choice because the Universal Source of Life and Inspiration believed in us and continues to believe in us. Not one of us would be here if IT thought we didn’t have inside us what it takes to live this life meaningfully.

What is your ultimate goal in life? : When I was young, I used to have specific goals. Specific goals are very good. But these days I have a different approach which involves working with what we call Synchronicity. This in my ethnic celtic christian tradition is the Hand of God operating tangibly in our lives and world. I strive now to work as a partner to the hand, working meaningfully, being a part of the real in this journey. This doesn’t mean that I don’t have goals anymore. On the contrary, but they don’t take first and center stage as the work to save a People and a Nation has been its foremost course because the Nation as designed was a flagship of liberty for a world to follow.

How have you been during the pandemic and how has it affected you? : Our family has survived thanks to Synchronicity which arranged for an inheritance earlier than expected and for living in a State where while a mask was mandated in buildings, we were all able to spend the extra free time outdoors doing the activities that are an integral part of our lives like hunting, fishing, hiking, and so on.

What is a message you would like to give others? : Our world is currently going thru a great choosing. The choice is what nature will it express based on the collective predominant nature of its Peoples. Yes this in part can be described as the dichotomy of Dark vs Light….Good vs Evil. But in my observation its a bit more complex than that. Its a rich fabric that includes what we value, preserve, uphold, promote in the way of values, mores, moral coding, and choice of application of the afore mentioned. How do we express who and what we are as a HUMAN RACE with HUMAN POTENTIAL physically, intellectually, and spiritually? Do we choose to shine with inspiration or plow roads of destruction and plant seeds of chaos in everything we touch.

Our messy fussy lives right now are our way of working this out. It’s not how long you live, or what you gain in whatever you choose during living, its how you live. Legacy is the stamp on the world and your People that remains when you are gone.

What else would you like to tell others about you or your life?: At some point I have a goal to write books. Maybe someday I’ll tell you the funny stories I’ve been either a part of or present for. Like the time Portland General Electric called up the company I was working for and the first words from the caller’s mouth was, “OK what have you guys done now!!!” As I stared out the window at the “done” part and immediately put the guy on hold.

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