Name: Ashe

Social Media Handle/Username: chocolate_milq / Chuu

Introduce Yourself/Tell About Yourself: Hello I’m Ashe! I’m a 19 year old artist who likes to draw anime. I specialize mostly in drawing women & men but, I also try to go out of my comfort zone and draw whatever I feel like drawing in that moment.

What Inspires You Every day? : I’d definitely say that my friends and family inspire me the most. I feel like I wouldn’t have the passion that I do for my art without the constant support I’ve received from them.

What is some words of wisdom you live by?: Go with the flow lmao as cringe as it sounds, I feel the most at ease when I’m not worrying about what may or may not happen. I like to just take everything day by day.

What is your ultimate goal in life? : I would love nothing more than to make art my career. That’s my end goal, just to be able to sustain myself purely from the thing I love the most. I just have so much love and passion for it that if I could do it for the rest of my life, I certainly would.

How have you been during the pandemic and how has it affected you? : I’m a pretty socially awkward person, so the aspect of not having to interact with people outside is comforting for me in a way? But it also sucks because I’m not choosing to be away from people, I ultimately have to, for my health and for others. I never realized how difficult it would be not being able to see my family & boyfriend during this time. It’s just a different time now, and it’ll never get easier, but I try to think positively regardless.

What is a message you would like to give others? : Pursue your dreams. Don’t think of your dreams as just that, because anything is achievable as long as you try. If I hadn’t started art as early as I did, I would’ve never gotten to the place where I am now. I still have so much to learn and grow from, but I feel I’m a lot closer to where I’d like to be because I started so quickly and didn’t give up. If you want to be a youtuber or a streamer or just an influencer, do it, don’t wait on it.

What else would you like to tell others about you or your life?: I’m not a super open person, despite what people may think when they view me on social media. When you’re behind a screen it’s easier to just let loose and say what’s on your mind, but in person I always feel very pressured to be a certain way so I’m ‘liked’. When I’m online I just instantly feel a lot more safe, as weird as it is, and I wanna be transparent about that. I don’t want people to expect me to be different irl or when talking through video chat,etc. because that’s just not who I am. I’m just a weird little gremlin that somehow has a platform to speak on LMAO

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