Cady: be strong, be kind & never give up.

Introduce yourself:
Hi,my name is Cady. I’m 27 years young…or old,depending on how you look it,haha. I’m a traveling CNA & have been for 5ish years. I am also a college graduate. Graduated from Fairmont State in 2015 with an AAS,but I make more money as a traveling CNA. I love my friends, family & the special man in my life. I enjoy spending time with loved ones,reading,listening to music,going to the gym & of course,napping. Last summer I picked up & moved 2 hours from my “hometown” to start all over & have never been happier. It was scary at first, but it’s really been great…even with the struggles.

What inspires me daily:
A better tomorrow,I suppose. I try to focus on the good & to learn from the bad. I grew up poor & have started over more than once with next to nothing. I want to make my family proud & let my nieces know that with hard work & dedication that anything is possible. I want to be a wife & mother someday,so I want to work toward the best version on myself before I become a mom. I want to give my future husband & children the life they deserve.

Words of wisdom I live by:
To treat others how I wish to be treated,but to also be strong & be kind to myself. I spend everyday trying to be kind to others,even if they are not kind to me, but I will also stand up for myself & those I care for. I spent many years letting myself be a doormat, but not anymore. Stand up for what you believe in & practice what you preach.

What is your goal in life?
To be happy & to make others happy. Sure,I want to be a wife & mother, but I want to also succeed in being a daughter,sister,aunt,friend & partner. Also,I want to travel…all over the US & then to as many countries as possible. I just wanna see beautiful things(:

How have you been during the pandemic & how has it affected me?
I’ve worked throughout the entire pandemic. I’m a CNA,so I have been tested for COVID 28 times that I have counted since the beginning of the pandemic. On time #27, I caught COVID & it was awful! I made it though. I have overworked because we have been so short, I have lost out on work just waiting by for COVID test results. I’ve become a homebody & a workaholic for the most part. My depression is a bit more intense because I’m alone a lot, but I’ve found joy & peace in my quiet loneliness as well.

What is a message you’d like to give others?
It gets better. That’s not something people just say…it really does. I can’t say time heals everything because I’m still stuck with incredibly awful fears & some pretty rough PTSD after my ex-husband. Also,do not trust people easily. I knew this man from the time I was 11 & married him when I was 23,after dating for almost 2 years. He didn’t change until I said “I do” & when he changed…he became mean,violent & controlling. I dealt with it for 2 years because I thought divorce was the worst thing that could ever happen to me…turns out…it may be frowned up,but it’s the only reason I’m alive today. He would’ve killed me…I’m sure of it. So stand up for yourselves & be a place of strength & comfort for those who need it.

What else would you like to tell others about your life?
You can do it. Whatever it is that you’re afraid of doing…if it could be good for you…I encourage you to do it. It could be the best thing that’s ever happened to you. Don’t let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game. I grew up poor, moved out at 17 because I wanted a change & never moved back in with my parents because I was stubborn,because of this…I’ve been homeless on multiple occasions, rented a room in 2 separate drug houses(even though I did not do drugs),had an ex-husband that beat me & cheated on me,had a best friend that used me & pulled me along everywhere because she didn’t care about my feelings,but didn’t want to be alone,have been stabbed in the back by those I trust most & have had many different apartments & houses. Once I got rid of all the toxicity in my life…moving forward became so much more attainable. I moved 2 hours away from my “hometown” & started completely over. I have my own apartment now,brand new furniture that I have always dreamed of,my vehicle is almost paid off,my bills are paid 3 months in advance sometimes,I sent my family money & even have money in savings. I am genuinely happy,met a man that actually loves me for me,treats me right & never fails to make me feel at home & safe & am surround by people that actually love & care for me. I want others to know that just because it’s bad right now…doesn’t mean it will be bad forever.

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