Name: Juan Rojas

Instagram Handle/Username: @Dodobirdthe4th

Introduce Yourself/Tell About Yourself: Hello, my name is Juan, I’m 21 years old, Living in Van Nuys, California, a little shy about life but doin my best to stay afloat. Living here is nice at times but I live in a not so part of Van Nuys so you’re gonna be exposed to alot, which is why you have to find and make your own happy here. I love skateboarding and just like seeing what nature has to offer.

What Inspires You Every day? : It’s hard to say what inspires me, I have alot of issues that I need to work out, but working on those issues, becoming a better human, and helping as many people in the world as I can makes me get up everyday. I love to help people who are in need and making them smile makes me realize maybe it isn’t so hard being around sometimes.

What is some words of wisdom you live by?: I don’t live by many, a few from my friends and family.

Who cares about what people think, you’re special and no one can take it away from you. Don’t let the world tell you how to be, you are unique and don’t let that ever be drained from you.

What is your ultimate goal in life? : Making as many people as possible feel loved and valued. I’m working on a skateboard brand with my friend, besides making people smile and feel loved and valued, I wanna make our little business big enough to donate to kids who can’t afford it, or simply donate to anyone who would wanna skateboard and spread the joy of it. I hope to have them ready to ship by March or April 2021.

How have you been during the pandemic and how has it affected you? : The pandemic has definitely taken a big mental toll on me, I already struggle with mental health issues, but this made everything feel heavier. I’m also a high risk person so I have to be extra extra careful. But let me say, it is a time of testing and I’m still standing.

What is a positive message you would like to give others? : Be kind. The world is dark, but be the ray of sunshine not only in your life, but others. Show love and compassion towards yourself and people who need it. You can be the saving grace for someone. Don’t let people take advantage of you either, never be afraid to drop toxic or hateful people in your life. People hate what they don’t have, or what you’re doing to better yourself or others, ignore them and power through.

You are special.
You are valid.
You are loved.
Never forget that.

What questions would you like to ask others?: What makes you feel special?

What helps you feel better about your insecurities?

What makes you, you?

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