Name: Qaani Girard

Instagram Handle/Username: atlmade_q

Introduce Yourself/Tell About Yourself: I’m originally born in albany georgia then when I was 3 year’s old I moved to atlanta georgia. I got interested in rapping when I was 10 years old i loved it and tried it myself and got good at it . I grew with 3 and 2 sisters and I’m also 17 years old

What Inspires You Every day? : The thing that inspires me was my grandma she was a hard worker she had dedication, and she never gave up


What is some words of wisdom you live by?: Life is short live it like it’s your last

What is your ultimate goal in life? : My ultimate goal in life is to be a rapper an entrepreneur and a businessman

How have you been during the pandemic and how has it affected you? : It gave me a new open mindset I see the world different now before the pandemic I was anxious, nervous and barely knew anything and I was also selfish now I’m so self-sufficient I can do things on my own now and I have ways to make quick money

What is a positive message you would like to give others? : Most people in life try and fail to those people I say congratulations because you tried most people in life don’t even bother to try


What questions would you like to ask others?: Who are you
Where are you going to be
Am I doing things right
Do you want to be the greatest

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