Introduce Yourself: I’m 14 years old, My birthday is December 29,2003

Thoughts On People In The World?: My thoughts on the people in this world are not entirely good, But the way I feel about the people in this world is the way I feel about my family, and I love every single person. I love the people who hate, the people who dislike the other race. it might not seem like much but to me everyone in this world is equal. even though I dislike people it would be sad for them people to die because I love everyone equally.

What are your inspirations & goals?: Things that inspire me are when people fight through pain, when people keep their head up through hard times, when people ENCOURAGE OTHER people and when people work their hardest. My goals are to become successful in life, and to become a greater person than what I am now.

How would you impact the world?: I’m not sure how I would impact the world. If I could impact the world I would try to make it a place where everyone felt loved and where everyone had a place to call home.

Struggles In Life? : My main struggle in life is not being able to be me at all times.

How do you feel about yourself? Any changes you would make? : I don’t really feel a way about myself. I feel love towards myself. I love that I can make other people smile. If I had a choice to change myself., I wouldn’t change anything, because I honestly love myself.

What does love mean to you?: Love to me means being able to speak about your feeling. It means being able to do whatever you can to help out. You don’t have to just love the people you call family, But u should be able to love the people u see in need. Love is a really powerful word because most people see it as getting whatever you want. love means being able to be yourself wherever u go. love is being able to love yourself when no one else loves you.

Name : Jbrenea (jay-bre-nay) Cousins

Instagram : _conceited._.jae_

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