Jordan Calleros

Instagram Handle/Username: jordan.calleros

Introduce Yourself/Tell About Yourself: Hi my name is Jordan Calleros or JAY if u want and I am from Los Angeles, California. I am 16 years old and I love to make music and also just creating things that makes me happy is what I love to do. One thing also is if you tell me a certain topic I will not stop talking about it and it is kinda annoying.

What Inspires You Every day? : What inspires me every day is good health, money, making fire music that I like, getting better at hobbies, and making sure my head is at the right place. I say that because most of these people just to do the norm because there told to that but in reality you are not happy and you lost so when I’ve seen that first hand it just made me realize like oh I don’t want to be that, so I just inspire to be myself.

What is some words of wisdom you live by?: I just live by to think for yourself and not to listen to others. When you think for yourself you also start to realize that your happy in your skin and appreciating the things that you like and also not caring what the outside voices say and when I started releasing music that wasn’t the same genre there were hearing and people started to like it that made me realize that I can do whatever I want.

What is your ultimate goal in life? : My goal in life is to get paid doing what I love and to not be miserable. I say that because I’m aiming for the big things like awards and all these things that I grew up seeing these my favorite artists get and importantly just to make some beautiful music.

How have you been during the pandemic and how has it affected you? : During this pandemic I actually grew as a person a lot because before all this went down I didn’t have as much confidence and especially in music and fashion I use to get told things for listening to a certain type of music and having a certain type of style and it just made me rethink things a little bit. Then now fast forward to now I’ve never felt so confident in my life.

What is a positive message you would like to give others? : I would just like to encourage others just follow your dreams and to think for yourself and I know that saying gets worn a lot but dude like you can literally do anything with your life and if you just take those risk you may end up in the same place or you might start taking the right steps you never know as long as you get your results.

What questions would you like to ask others?: What do you like to do ?
What’s your goal ?
What makes you happy ?
What’s song makes you happy ?

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