Cori Explains What Her Daily Life Is Like Being a Foot Model.

When people think of Foot Models their eyebrows raise but theres more of a story behind it, when you take a moment to look at the inspiring and zen of a moment it is pleasing others with your feet it can actually bring a positive effect to others, here’s a story of a woman named Cori who share’s that positivity.

Most mornings I wake not with an alarm but with a subconscious nudge of excitement I think. I sit quietly on my porch and share a cup of coffee with my cat, while receiving the occasional head bump. I tend to keep things simple, but occasionally a drive for perfection emerges. Sharing my thoughts and feelings through photos and simple messages brings me enjoyment and a feeling of connection. The middle of my day tends to fly by, yet thought filled moments seem to stand time still. Evening comes around and it’s time to unwind until I find my self once again where I do my best thinking. In the quiet morning with my feline friend.

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