Name: Marianne McCown

Instagram Handle/Username: @marimccown

Introduce Yourself/Tell About Yourself: I was born in Brazil, in the northeast region, a suffering land who gave the most brilliant and funny minds of my country. I came from a middle class family and I’m graduated as clinical psychologist at my early 20s. I worked in many jobs (company, school, hospital and private practice) at the capital and at the country. I saw so many horrible things, Brazil still is a preconceptions place and the women life isn’t easy there. Making short a long story, in 2018 october I sold everything, closed my practice and moved by myself to US. I didnt ask nobody about it, I always wanna live in a foreign country and I just felt If i do not do in that time maybe will be late. I came because the facism was making the life in Brazil impractical and I knew if I stayed there I would ending be dead. It was the toughest decision in my life who cost my family support and friendship. I arrived here and I felt like in a parallel universe, OMG everything was different, the weather, the culture, the language (still it’s a work in progress), I spent months with a feeling that I was in a movie.  My 41 years old mind had to learn a lot and was confusing at the beginning, in Brazil we use km, kg, C°, m, cm… so you can imagine my struggle in not feeling crazy when I jumped in a scale and see 132 instead the usual 55. LOL

To my surprise, here the society wasn’t very different about there, I found it a huge polarized nation surrounded by misconceptions and fake news. But also I found it a amazing country, gorgeous, full of possibilities and more, I found it the love of my life, someone truly different from Brazilian men which I had contact, someone who respect me, recognize me and believe on me, and with him i gained a new family. In 2019 I went to a public school to learn english (ESL), I graduate in 2019 november. I still can’t work because my papers are in progress but although all the challenges I know that was the best decision of my life and I do not regret nothing. My husband call me brave, and in some way he is right, isn’t easy to a person in the 40s make a huge change like that. And I realized what Morpheus said to Neo about how difficult is to release a old mind from the matrix makes sense. I had to reframe everything to keep up with my new reality and I do not recommend that for everybody. Sometimes I miss my friends and my family but I believe that here I have more opportunities, and I feel like home.
I feel that America now is in the right way, a more inclusive, respectful, and human way and that makes my heart warm and hopeful again.
When sad feelings come to me I go through thanks to my husband’s love and my adorable kitty cat Shadow who has been very supportive and patient every time when I squeeze and kiss her millions times at day.

What Inspires You Every day? : Well when I was young I had the desire to make the difference in the world, now I’m 43 and that desire is still alive but the difference is that today I found it new ways to BE that difference.  I’m inspired for the power of women who fought for their rights, women from arts, science, from the common people. Ultimately I’m inspired for every person who I found it who keeps the hope in a better life for everyone, people who stand up against injustice, people who believes that every voice matters. I’m inspired by belief in a world which opportunities are not attained to their color, gender and nationality. It’s true that I feel we are losing “the war” sometimes but I remember that even when I feel alone or tired I know that give up isn’t a option where I came from. And I believe that people can find people who stands for the same. The proof is you found me right?

What is some words of wisdom you live by?: I think that know yourself it’s the basics not only for psychologists but for every human bean who desires grown up, develop your potentials and built a good life.  Other thing that I’ve learn with time it’s you can’t convince nobody to change their beliefs if they are not emotionally touched, in other words, if they don’t want it. So, live your life in the most authentic way, talk your truth and stand up for what you understand that is right even if everyone else its doing the opposite and even if your family turns their backs on you. Dont worry, you’ll find someone or more people who are in the same path. Being here made me realize that family is who makes you feel safe, respected, warmed and free to be yourself. And if you wanna believe in something, the science it’s the best companionship and safest way to create a better world. Be kind with others and principally with yourself.

What is your ultimate goal in life? : My golden dream was working at NASA LOL. But today I have a dream to conquer my PhD. I’ve been far from academy for so long but here I found it a fertile soil and I wanna be a scientist. I remember myself in my 5 years old playing with colored waters in little glass with a self feeling of importance saying with proud and a serious face to my friends “I’m a scientist”. I thought that this dream was dead, the life sometimes drag you into so different ways and when you live in a country like Brazil the opportunities are not so clear. And that’s make easy to forget about your truly desires… but guess what, I still can try and I intend to have fun during the way.

How have you been during the pandemic and how has it affected you? : Me and my husband moved from West Palm Beach to Port St. Lucie in april 2020 to our home. So during the pandemic I’ve been staying at home organizing the things, painting, fixing, decorating, every day he goes to his work and I stay here.. Isn’t easy stay home all the time, but its for a very good reason. As I dont have a car I also took this time also to keep practicing my English and starting my studies in my field in order to pursue the PhD dream. I’m a very resilient person but sometimes the feeling about don’t have a purpose in life comes. I never been in a situation like mine where I can’t work, I can’t go places, I can’t travel… it’s tough but Shadow(my kitty cat) it’s always at my side she is literally my ‘shadow’. I have been using the social media to entertain myself and see what is happening around the world. When I feel full I go reading or doing some crafts. In order to go through the pandemic or any type if situation like that you do need have a balanced mind and also the capacity to find joy and release in the small things as, a sunset, or just staying together with your beloved ones. This pandemic was a fatality and also a opportunity to put some things in the right place. The COVID clarified a lot about many things and obviously about ourselves too. We realized more than ever we are not in a island, no country or community is, we need each other to survive, mutual relations and respect is fundamental. We are seeing things unbelievable in the bad way but some things like this can work as a key to open doors was supposed to be opened. So let’s keep using masks, creating ways to look into ourselves and discover which we are made for.

What is a positive message you would like to give others? : I think that we desperately need is hope and correct information. Misinformation can lead to chaos and weakness, we are social animals, we work in community. So while is life there is hope. Believe me, your life is important, you matters and better than that, even your small actions can have a huge impact in the world (as I’m learning in my recent studies about complexity and chaos theories). Enjoy your life, find pleasure and fun in what is possible, love, think, learn and fight. Stand up for the justice, equality and integrity, it will worthwhile.

What questions would you like to ask others?: What do you think we need to do to survive us?
What can happen if you believe in yourself?

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