My name is Nkosinathi Mlaba from South Africa. I am 29 years of age i was born in a small town called Pongola its in a province calle KwaZuluNatal, av completed my matric in 2008 unfortunately i did not pass well so i stayed at home for the whole year hoping to get a job unfortunately nothing came up, i then decided to go back to school;and imade sure i passe with good results in.

2012 i went to college where i completed my Human Resources diploma which i completed in 2014. Going to a varsity has help me alot beside getting a job but it gave me more knowledge and the understanding of how to run a business ….in 2016 i got a job working as a sales person and that has helped me a lot because i was able to help my mom since were werw raised by a single parent.

I am running a soccer tournament in my comunity with an aim of bringing change and giving hope and unveiling talent to the young ones, the tournament has been running for the past 3 years . i am now running a clothing label called LAS (life after school) we have different range of clothes, caps and hats as well the brand is doing good locally nd we are hoping to expand it even more.

we are open for people who wants to invest in our business because our vision is to supply even out of the country and even get good clothing deals.

What inspires you everyday to do what you do?

The feedback i get from the people who looks up to me is a push factor for me and its an inpiration on its own.

Doing or should i say being different in terms of dreams and the vision that i have help me as well because at some point where i see that what i am now doing wont help me or anyone in return that help me a lot because.

Seeing the young ones and people in my community engaging in some of the projects that i do keeps me going because i dont want to dissapoint them by failing on what i have started.

What is some words of wisdom you live by?

Doing my best in everything i do because i may never know who is watching and the universe will applaud for my dedication and hard work one day.

Chose your associates well because they are the map for your future, if you have bad associates around you you may have difficulties because the become a problem for every solution you come with…

What is a positive message you would like to tell others?

1.Never give up on your dreams.

2.They may copy what you do but they will never understand the vision you have.

3. Do what you love you wil end up loving what you do.

What is your ultimate goal in life?

I wanna live a life and see my Brand grows globally and share my wealth with the needy

Last question how do you feel about life and what changes did you make to be where you are now?

i feel like i still owe the world a lot ,i think i have spent a most of my time in things that did not benefit me career wise and business wise.

So for me to to be a better person than before i had check my associates my inner cycle and associate myself with people who have the same vision and people who are ahead of me with life because every step i take it shows am right behind them.


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