Hey it’s “CHAKNAX” aka “XANNY”

My real name is Chakib, I’m from north Africa, exactly ALGERIA, I’m 18 years old

Grew up on a rough childhood, where we learned to throw hands and fight before we learned how to read, used to be a good student but I was obliged to survive the street life The gangs be ruling the streets

So I was obliged to join one and fight to survive

It’s like you eat or you get eaten

I been through a hard depression as the most of the teenagers here

They try to cure it with drugs, self harm or suicide

And that’s how I lost a lot of my childhood friends

They died because of overdose and suicide

I tried some of em but I realised that’s none of these can help, they just made it worse Thanks god I could’ve heal from self-harm

Then I told myself that I should change this

The kids be dying everyday silently and no one is doing anything

So I started writing rap songs trying to help them

Then I found myself inspiring and helping them

So I stopped posting freestyles and started giving mental help directly on Instagram

I post some helping stories and text people with mental issues and suicidal thoughts

And it really helped

So I started growing a community and it’s going really well and I’m really happy for what I’m doing

What inspires you to keep going everyday?

The support and the love I receive from my fans that I call em family

Also, I don’t want from anyone to feel what I felt or to go through what I been through

What is some words of wisdom you live by?

-Death before dishonor

-Family before everything Family

-God gets you what you need not what you want

-Never stress over anything because everything happens for a reason

What is a positive message you would like to give others?

Whatever you’re going through, never give up, I’m always here for everyone at anytime, just let me know, I’ll help you and love you forever

Stay positive and keep your head up kings and Queens

I love y’all more than I love myself

Y’all mean the world to me

What is your ultimate goal in life?

To make the world a better place

By ending negativity, hate and poorness

And sharing positivity, love and everything

Last question how do you feel about life and what changes did you make to be where you are now?

Life’s great

It’s like a bounce, sometimes up and sometimes down

It’s not about to stay up all the time, but it’s how you can bounce it back and keep it up and never give up The changes I made was keeping the positive vibes all the time and stay faithful no matter what I been through

And helping others for no personal gain is what got me here where I am right now And last thing

My goals in this life are so high

I believe that I will change the world sooner or later, dead or alive

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  1. Bro I support you through thick and thin. If you have a dream I will support you and I know that you can do a lot not only for us but for the whole world


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