Im Jasmin Patton, I live in Washington State, I currently work at a part time job in retail, this is my first job. Im 16 years old, Im trying to pursue a singing career, and if not I want to become a social worker.

What inspires you everyday?

My mom inspires me everyday, she is the strongest, most caring, and loving person i know. She pushes me to grow as a individual and speak up for what I believe in, she never doubts me.

What is some words of wisdom you live by?

Some words of wisdom that i live by is “everyone wants to be the sun to lighten up someone’s life but why not be the moon to brighten up the darkest hour?” I feel like this really speaks to me because I always try to help people when they’re down, and lift others spirits in time of need.

How do you feel about the people in the world?

I feel that people in the world are very mean, theres a lot of people that will try to tear you down as soon as you’re making it to the top, people that will degrade you, and people that just wont believe in you. Society has definitely changed.

What is some struggles you’ve been through in life?

I struggle with depression and anxiety, some days its much worse than others, I went through a terrible phase where I lost all hope. I had no motivation to do anything, I was struggling very hard, felt very alone, and pushed away the people closest to me, I felt like I was at the end of my rope. Waking up everyday with the most monstrous feeling. It was very unhealthy for me and my family, I was taking my pain out on them, pushing them away as much as I could. I finally built up enough courage to get help, my mom helped me through it, and although she helped me to where I got better, I still deal with all those emotions. Its hard to handle, to go through. But I’ve gotten through it and in the end it makes me a stronger person.

Last question how do you feel about life and what changes did you make to be where you are now?

I feel that life is so crazy, there’s times where it feels impossible and times that you feel you have the whole world in your hands. I live by “yolo” because its exactly what it says, you only live once. Live every day like its your last no matter what people tell you. I’ve made so many changes to get where I am now. Changes to myself, changes with who I surround myself with, I feel you have to make changes in life to grow up, to learn. Lots of things impact who you are, and how you live. Make sure the changes you make are good for you.

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