Name : Chloe

Instagram : commiejunkie

Introduce Yourself? : Hi, I’m a senior from California. Writing makes me feel happy and music sets me free.

What are your inspirations & goals in life? : I want to be happy. My parents say that’s unrealistic — that I should just strive to be content. but i don’t want to be miserable anymore. I want to thrive and i want to feel alive and I want to feel like i made a difference in somebody’s life. that i helped someone become better. more than.

What is your view on the people in our world today. Be honest!? : I think people have lost hope. With the way the world is today, with everything online, and instantly connection, constantly, but through a shallow medium, people don’t see the truth. everyone shouts their perspective from the rooftops but nothing changes because nobody cares to listen.

Are you a positive or a negative person? : Anyone who knows me would say I’m a negative person. I try to be happy and think on the bright side but it’s really hard for me. it’s so easy to fall back into old patterns, especially when you’re the only one fighting to drag yourself out of a bad situation.

What would you change about yourself? : Gosh, i don’t know. I see it bad if I want to say everything? I think I would vaporize my fear. i get a lot of great ideas but as soon as I face even the slightest challenge I back down, run away. If I could develop the courage to follow through with things, i would.

How would you contribute to bringing our world closer together? : I would educate people on mental awareness and work to erase the stigma surrounding mental health issues. i would try to foster a sense of compassion among people.

Anything else you wanna say? : Don’t give up. Don’t lose hope — it’s the last thing you’ll have when your ass gets knocked on the ground and the whole world is looking down at you, sneering, degrading you and calling you a loser because you haven’t done anything with your life. There’s always potential to be better. please, just try.

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