Name : Savion

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Introduce Yourself? : My Name is Savion, Im 17 years of age and from Trinidad and Tobago.
My passion on a whole is teaching

What are your inspirations & goals in life? : My goal is to educate my self so when the time comes I can pass down the knowledge that I have aquired to the younger generations. My inspirations for this are the many amazing teachers that I have meet anf how have helped me to understand and see things in a different light.

Best online photo editor, collage maker and designer!

What is your view on the people in our world today. Be honest!? : Alot of people in our world today are selfish and dont real care for others. This is not the case with all people tho. There will always be the good and the bad.

What are you truly passionate about? : I am truly passionate about The Visual and Performing arts. I love music and acting and truly recommend that everyone gets involved in the arts in some way, shape or form.

Describe yourself in 3 words? : Probably ignorant, lazy, dedicated

How would you contribute to bringing our world closer together? : Through education and the arts. Music and the other performing arts have always been a medium that many great men and wome through out history to bring there people closer together and to help unify them. I use to have Biases to music but as I grew older and started to give other Genres a chance it opened my eyes to a wider spectrum of sound which can unify a people

Anything else you wanna say? : As the Mighty Sparrow in the song Education said ” Children go to school and learn well. Otherwise later on in life you go catch real hell.” Education is and always will be the best way of expanding ones contiousness to the problems faced in society.

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