Name : Francesca

Instagram : frenciiii_sarzo

Introduce Yourself? : Hey there! I’m Francesca and I’m a 15-year-old girl from Venice, Italy

What are your inspirations & goals in life? : I feel inspired whenever I look at nature’s changing colors and its powerful force, the universe with all the burning but beautiful stars that make us feel so small and meaningless.
My biggest goal in life would be finally being happy and satisfied with everything around me, but I don’t know what that will be yet!

What is your view on the people in our world today. Be honest!? : Every time I think about all the human beings in this world I get two main feelings: proudness and disgust.
I am proud to be part of a community where each person is respected and treated equally, where there are no racial, sexual, ethnic or religious differences.
But I am disgusted that there are still people in this world that think that some of us don’t even exist or shouldn’t be treated with mutual respect and appreciation; some of them don’t even respect our planet, that without our help and support is going to die.

What are you truly passionate about? : I am truly passionate about the world’s heritage, that is ours too. By that I mean that I want to learn languages and talk to and meet people from all over the world, and capture its beauty through the lenses of my camera while traveling

Describe yourself in 3 words? : impulsive

How would you contribute to bringing our world closer together? : I’d contribute by destroying all the hate that divides us and spreading the massage of love in the world, even if it sounds cheesy!

Anything else you wanna say? : Thank you for reaching out and letting me discover this movements and all the meaningful questions

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