Name : Brayon

Instagram : Pushviz

Introduce Yourself? : Greetings I’m a self taught photographer based in Kalamazoo Michigan… I’m 21 I take photos of artists & models

What are your inspirations & goals in life? : Own a photography studio & magazine company also to work with brands such as Nike, adidas, Jordan etc 
Would love to travel the world & Do street photography for a photo book I’m starting called blue sky’s 

Best online photo editor, collage maker and designer!

What is your view on the people in our world today. Be honest!? : Not the one to judge but just feel like everyone is in their own lane & have their own purpose.. if they decide to go out and grind for what they want they will. 

What are you truly passionate about? : My photography my life & everything I’ve been threw speaks threw my photos

Describe yourself in 3 words? : Artist . Genius . Gifted 

How would you contribute to bringing our world closer together? : By doing a community art & photo show for all ages across the country & give free photography lessons 

Anything else you wanna say? : Thanks for the interview

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