Hi, I’m papi vivo age 20 from “the Capitol city” Trenton, New Jersey. I make hip-hop and pop but slowly tryna blaze my own path and make my own genre in the music industry.

What inspires you everyday to make music?

What inspires me every day to make music is my 5 goals. 1) I wanna mix two ideas together so they become something greater than imagined. 2) Whatever I work on I have to work from a theme in my life so that my music is as authentic and as real as I want the words to be. 3) Every day listen to a mix of new and old music from my favorite artist so I can gain some ideas. 4) this is gonna sound weird but me sleeping on an idea or song and creating something every day is a goal for me. 5) My last goal is something crazy but unique the rules we have in music I wanna break them and force it.

Also I have some keys in life if ur interested in me talking about that

My keys in life are fairly simple and work for someone like me who suffers from depression and anxiety. 1) Laugh at yourself. No matter what if you fall down or if something bad happens to you just laugh at yourself it takes your mind off the bad and turns it to the good.

2) Keep your head up. No matter what you can go thru the worst of worst but never drop your crown never lower your head always try to strive and keep your head up.

3) Stay a kid at heart. Yes I maybe 20 and I may have tons of responsibilities but just relax rewind and always stay a kid at heart.

4) Treat others how you want to be treated. That one should go without saying if you wanna be treated with respect and support than treat the other person with respect and support.

5) The last and most important one to me is don’t let stuff get you down. Yeah I know it’s hard to not become sad or not to let something make you stress. However no matter what don’t let stuff get you down.

What is your ultimate goal in life?

My ultimate goal in life is to financially take care of my family my inner circle and my girl. plus have a proper mindset and balance Plus be personally satisfied with my choices, career, and life

What is is something you’ve struggled with in life?

I struggled with trying to be perfect at everything but now i realize i’m like every other human i’m perfect in my own way. I also struggled with expecting way too much and that’s because i set the bar very high but now i realize life is better when i just give and not worry bout taking.

How do you feel about people in our society and what changes do you think we should make in order to make the world alittle more peaceful?

Great question! The way I feel about people in our society is everyone has his or her own right to their opinion even if it pisses a lot of people off that’s there own opinion. The one main change I think is needed is us opening our eyes finally and become more positive a little and even a ton of positivity makes the world much more happier peaceful and way better in my opinion.

Last question how do you feel about life and what changes did you make to be where you are now?

O wow another great question! life is funny I’m not gonna lie about that because though many things get covered up and aren’t shown we all find out bout that one thing sooner or later. We all realize the truth and when we find, realize, and capture the truth that was hidden in the field we separate those from the lies. i live by a quote by one of my favorite singers Elton John which is and I quote “Live for each second without hesitation.” See that’s another secret of life don’t worry and don’t hesitate since this is the last question let me add my own quote about life “Life is this big gigantic thing we breath it we are it so when we worry life is worried and when we hesitate life slows down so do what you want.” The changes I made were fairly simple I live by the keys of life, I pursue my own passion, I set many short and long term goals, I let go of many of my regrets that i had to carry, And I make today the day I pull out everything i got in my soul and just go full steam ahead

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