Hy my name is Gideon Anjor am from Nigeria but presently resides at Cyprus because of school and football… When i was small my dream was to become a pro footballer i wanted to become the next neymar or hazard so i left my country by using school as a means so i can come to Cyprus and start my football career and also be schooling at the process but unfortunately for me Cyprus wasn’t what i thought it would be in a sense that only 5 foreigners can be in a full football team i once got accepted to do trial in a junior team but i got rejected because of my age and the fact that i was a foreigner It hurt me alot because i thought finally my dreams where coming to pass but i faith in God and a enough give up mind set that soon I will get a professional contact for my self So i say again hy my name is Gideon if anything life has thought me first of all is that what ever u do put God first and never give up in any thing you put your mind to do.. Thank u and God bless.

What inspires you everyday?

My goals in 3years time Where i am now and where i want to reach in 3years time

What is some words of wisdom you live by?

Don’t be afraid to fail Keep pushing and never give up

What is a positive message you would to tell others?

Now i mean this with all my heart.. In everything u do put God first 100% and every other thing will be taken care of…

How do you feel about the people in our society today?

People in our society today are being influenced by social media which has it’s advantages and disadvantages

What is your ultimate goal in life?

To make sure my family is being taken care of.. At the maximum point

Last question how do you feel about life and what changes you made to be where you are now?

Well life is surely going to turn you up side down but then you have to make the decision to not let it put you down When i started playing football about 2016 my first match ever i was so scared i played rubbish in the game now the coach shouted at me real bad said lots of hurtful words.. I couldn’t sleep that night but i made a decision also that night not to let what he said put me down and for that i have had the opportunity to travel to Spain and Cyprus.

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