Hey my name is Weston Gehman and I am 21 years old and I currently live in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. I have a couple of different endeavors that I am pursuing. First of all, in February of 2020 I started my own clothing brand called Reflective4Perspective. I created this brand in order to spread positive throughout the world. I am doing this by creating designs with positive sayings and messages printed on them. But these designs are reversed so that when you look at yourself in the mirror or take a selfie the words look correct. Use can view these products at Another industry that I am in is the music industry. I serve as a music manager for an up and coming artist that goes by Suckerfreekid. I am in charge of getting him shows, connecting him with other artists and producers, and just making everything run smoothly. Finally, the final endeavor that I am currently working on is starting my own nonprofit organization. This organization is called Stair This organization is called Stairs2Chairs and our mission is to make the world a more wheelchair accessible place for everyone. We focus on providing ramps and accommodations for commercial and residential buildings so that they can become accessible for anybody who uses a wheelchair or walker to get around. This is very close to my heart because I have a disability called Spinal Muscular Atrophy which weakens my muscles so I have to use an electric wheelchair to improve my independence.

What inspires you to keep going through life?

The thing that inspires me the most is to prove to anyone with a disability that perseverance will pay off in the end. I want to give hope to anyone who struggles on a daily basis to not give up. I also want to make people’s lives easier and path the way for the next generation of people with any type of physical disability

What is some words of wisdom you live by?

Well my favorite quote has always been “When life gives you lemons, make orange juice and leave the world wondering how you did it”. I am not even sure who said that but it has always just stuck with me and I like the message behind it.

What is your ultimate goal in life?

My ultimate goal in life is to make a difference in the world. I want to show that a positive mindset impacts the people around you because you never know what someone might be going through.

How do you feel about the people in our world today?

I feel that we have a long way to go. Too many people don’t want to see each other win. We get too caught up in our own success that we forget to help the people around us. And when we do reach some type of success, we tend to withhold the information we gained from people who want to learn from us. So I would like to see more people exercise humility and lift people around them up.

Last question how do you feel about life and what changes have you made to be where you are now?

I feel pretty good about life. I have been blessed with a very positive outlook on life despite my disability. I have faith in God that he will lead me in the right direction and I just pray that all my goals come to fruition in order to glorify Him.

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