Abriana Ebo
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Hi my name is Abriana Ebo. I am 25 years old and from the South East part of the U.S. I grew up in a large close knit family who instilled within me a love for Jesus, travel and serving others. Though not perfect, I strived from a very young age to let my light shine to the world which often came with resistance. I endured as a child up until about 8th grade brutal bullying which impacted my self image and self esteem in ways that I wouldn’t wish on anyone. As a young woman, I now make the conscious decision to learn more about myself and heal on a daily basis. I gave my life to Christ at age 12 and have been learning ever since including navigating through the obstacles that were placed in my way in the process! At age 13, I taught myself how to braid and have always had a passion for doing hair.(Check out my braiding Instagram page @BraidsbyPajae) I also have always been good at creative writing even when I didn’t necessarily realize it myself. I became a nurse in 2017 and the more I grew in the profession, I realized that I could be doing more with my other God given talents instead of letting them go to waste. In late 2017, as I was praying, God led me to start a blog entitled via wordpress. The title reflects the becoming of me as the person I was created to be and not being apologetic about it. The content is all biblical and deals with some issues we all face in life at times with my own creative writing flare! My full back story is pretty intense and can even lean toward depressing. I said all of this to say that everything that I went through and that you may be going through is a preparation for your great reveal. You may feel insignificant or invisible but you most definitely are not to our loving God and not only are you seen but adored as well. I had to endure for many years( basically half of my entire life) to make it to this point, a point where I understand why everything had to take place. I have a strong desire to encourage people,to help people break destructive lifestyle patterns, to build up others in their self worth and image and most of all bring others into the knowledge of Christ. I desire to nurture them along their walk in whatever ways I am led to. I know whar it is like to have been oppressed by anxiety and depression on a daily basis and now I want to help people conquer it and enjoy an abundant life! If you would like to get encouragement from my blog visit www via WordPress and also check out my Instagram pages @natural_beauty_12 & @BraidsbyPajae #BeBlessed

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