I’m Merry, I’m a bartender at them inner with plans to open my own portable bar for weddings etc. and I am form York! I have a zoo in my house and I’d like to think I’m a upbeat and outgoing person ☺️

What inspires you everyday ?

I am inspired by my mum and all the hard we she does. She’s hoenstly one of the craziest people ever, she’s full of nuts ideas that she somehow manages to create 😂☺️

What is some words of wisdom you live by?

If you want something in the this world then find a person that has what you want and ask them how they did it, also hoenstly is the best policy? 🙂 x

What is your ultimate goal in life?

Gosh, I’ve no idea! I’m more of a see where life takes me kind of person! My goals change all the time. I’d like to have loved a very full life by the time I’m old, full of visiting exotic places and learning about new cultures

What is a moment in your life that was life changing for you?

The lockdown, It’s absolutely changed my views on the world and my future and in a lot of good ways span my world on its axis 🙂

Last question how do you feel about life and what are some changes you made to be where you are?

I feel positive, change is very possible it’s just about enough people getting on board. The same changes that are needed everywhere, that we stop destroying the planet and take care of each other.

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