Dallas, TX born, and Lancaster, TX raise . It was the Lancaster/Dallas area that gave me the platform to develop and display my passion for playing basketball.

My name is Christopher Moore and I grew up in a single parents home when my mama did everything she could to put me in position to be a successful black man by herself.

As a result of my mama being a strong black woman and me coming in contact with very good and knowledgeable basketball coaches I was able to form long lasting friendships with the people in my area who made me who I am today. As of today I am an assistant basketball coach at Morton Ranch high school in KatyTexas, I teach health and I am an ordained minister. Some people call me Coach Moore and some call me Coach CMoe. Some call me Mr. Christopher E. Moore and A very small few know me as Rev. Christopher E. Moore.

What is your motivation in life?

My motivation is knowing the best version of myself exists, and I have yet to met him. I’m sure he is a “bad-brother,” I cant wait to meet him.

In the same way I’m motivated to walk into the assignment God has for me. The best version of my self is apart of God’s plan for my life. So I am motivated to be prepared for the vocational assignment God has created me for.

In the same breath, my family is also my motivation — even the family members who have yet to be birthed. “Lord willing” I want to impact the present and the future of my people.

what is some words you live by you would like to share with others?

That’s a very good question. I live by so many. One that I will share is that you have to participate in your own deliverance. Meaning that people (including our people) can’t wAit and do nothing for God or others to get us out of unfavorable circumstances. I submit that though the battle is the Lord’s (2 CHRONICLES 20:15), (EXODUS 14:13-14), (1 SAMUEL 17:47), and (EPHESIANS 6:12) that we have an important role to play. Though we may be the main Character in our life’s narrative, we are not the hero. We must actively (through faith) pursue life for all it can be. Take the horse by it’s reins Unapologetically with courage .

what is an ultimate goal in life you want to achieve?

Find rest, peace, and to make my family proud.

Oh …. and stay physically fit till through a physically active lifestyle. I wanna look great at 50!

What is something in life you’ve struggle with past or present?


Last question what is something in your life that was life-changing for you.

When I discovered that God had a specific plan for my life, that revelation changed the vision I had for my future. I let my plans go and accepted God’s call into His Service. That has changed my life though the road has not been easy.

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