Tell us a little about you(your background and how was it like)?
I live in finland. I have had a pretty safe childhood. I’ve spent most of it trying to fit in, but now i’m really finding my true self and the people i love spending my time with. I have ridden horses most of my childhood, but now i’m considering quitting it. I have an older sister, but i’ve always felt that i’m the older one, because she is quite immature and very emotional. My mom and dad are pretty cool but they do have their downsides. I have found my passion in 2015, which is drag queens. That may seem odd, but there is nothing more that i love than the artistry and joy they bring. My biggest inspiration is a famous drag queen called Sharon Needles. She has helped me through the worst times in my life, and the best minutes of my life have been the ones i’ve gotten to spend with her.
What are the bad things you see on social media?
I don’t see a lot if bad things in social media, because i choose to follow people who give me joy instead of misery. Sometimes i do see some unaccepting people, which i absolutely hate.
What are the hardships you go through?
I get such a high when i’m in presence if Sharon, that everything else seems like a low. I have yet to feel such happiness that i have when i’m with her. She really is my everything. I also have anxiety issues and panic attacs. Sometimes they make me feel that my world is ending, even though i know it’s not.
What are your goals in life?
Honestly, i would love to be a bartender. I’m still in school, but that is my dream career. I just want to be happy. I want to be in the world and of the world, not just to stand aside and watch. I want to make new friends, travel, love, and just fill up in joy. I want to meet Sharon millions of times.
What would you do if you could change the world?
I would make every single person more accepting. It devastates me that there are still so many people who don’t accept people who dance to the beat of their own drum.
Are you happy in the position you are now in life?
I am quite happy. I’m the kind of person who is always wanting more, but i have a pretty good life. I would like it to be more exiting and thrilling, but i figure i have time to do that because i’m still young.
What questions would you like me to make next for the new interviees coming to the website?
I thought that these questions were great!

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