Madison Faye
Introduce Yourself To The World?
I’m 18 years old and I’m a ginger so I’ve seen the tougher parts of life haha. I was raised as a single child to my single mother. Then she got married and we moved blah blah. I love my two kittens but I do secretly love dogs more. I like to try to find the good in every person, call me a humanist.
How Do You Feel about people in society today?
People in society are so disconnected in my opinion. People would rather lay in the dark all alone and text someone rather than speak to that person face to face and do something meaningful in life. I find myself doing that too sometimes and I hate it so much. I try not to.
What are your goals in life?
My goal is to travel the world and discover the beauty nature has to offer. I want to meet other people and learn their stories. I’m not afraid to leave my life behind because I know there is so much for me out there.
What do you feel like your purpose in the world is?
I believe my purpose is to try and make as many people happy as possible, and create as much joy and love as I can. I love to write and draw and play the piano, and all of those bring joy to those around me. I want to widen that audience because I believe I truly have the power to help change the world. Not by myself though obviously haha. But I’m willing to put in that effort.

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